Hi! My name is Michel, I make illustrations and animations, and I love creating narratives with my art

@michelkendi holy shit, I literally just saw this Zelda art like 10 min ago!

Ahhh!!!! Yay!!! More good art!

@magicalmilly aaaaaaa was it on tumblr? i'm so glad how much people enjoyed that post

@michelkendi someone had saved it and put it in a FB Zelda group I was in.

So happy to know the source now!

@michelkendi wao these are gorgeous! I’m in love with your rendering/colouring

@michelkendi Maybe you could add the #MastoArt hashtag ! I love your illustrations, have a good day :3

@maiwann thanks for the tip! I'm still learning the ropes, I'll do it next time!

@michelkendi HOLY SH- WHAT AN AMAZING STYLE 💚💙 Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time with us~

@michelkendi Hello and welcome! I like your style! Cool! :)

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