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Hi! My name is Michel, I make illustrations and animations, and I love creating narratives with my art

I'll be taking 4 SLOTS this time!
If you're interested you can request it here:

Boosts are appreciated! 💚

lol.. Ibdidnt realize how similar thisbpsoe was to my last artwork KDAKFJSJKA

smth quick that i did a little while ago. might post more later!

I have this tropical beach themed tiefling adopt who would love to find a home before summer is over!

she's one of my favorite designs, and she's up for adoption for 50€!

@ me here, or email me at to claim! paypal only~ 

🌴 🍹 🐠 🐬 ☀️ 🏝️ 🌺

for more info + terms of service:

Animal Crossing charms for an upcoming convention ✨🌿

📌 You can pre-order here:
For any questions feel free to message me 💖

official time
sorry for repost i used the wrong hashtag last time

Whaddup lads i'm kringle and i draw cute grills and buff boys. its like super epic cause its all i do with my life.
✨ ✨ ✨
u can also find me at:
✨ ✨ ✨
coms open 24/7 since last year because im a smol college bean. thanks for tunning into the shitshow

I did this little animation while trying Animate CC out, I'm used to Tvpaint but drawing with vectors is a lot smoother

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