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I skipped an introduction...

I'm a long time 3d artist, I usually build 3d models of aircraft for simulations, but for few years I'm also learning to draw and paint traditionally, I'm focused on water soluble oil paints. I simply love them. I paint mostly portrait studies, but I'm pretty close to expand to fantasy fine art.

My final painting before the collective exhibition I'll be a part of. The exhibition will take place in my hometown (Inowroclaw/Poland) at Kujawskie Centrum Kultury next Friday (8th July 2022).

As usual these days, portrait was painted using water mixable oil paints on canvas, 40x50cm.

:boost: Boosts appreciated! :boost:

Hi everyone! I still have a few of my Inktober drawings up for sale and figured I'd make a new toot :D
Prices range from 15€ for the tiniest ones to 50€ for the Big Purple Piece (everything else is below 50) + shipping, via PayPal (or bank transfer if you're in France, to your liking)!
If you'd like additional info, hit me up! I'll keep this toot updated if some of them are sold :happey:

William-Adolphe Bouguereau is one of my fav artists.

I painted master study of his 'Young shepardess standing' painting. Water soluble oil paint on canvas, 30x40cm.

It's so hard to get the values and colours right, but it was an excellent exercise.

Everything Everywhere All at Once was the best movie I've seen lately. I did a study of Evelyn Wang played by the most excellent Michelle Yeoh. Oil on canvas panel, 30x24cm.

Occasionally i try myself in media. This one was made witch my cheap , but i am so far happy how it turned out.
Ignore the terrible Background i fiddled in

Warning for direct, friendly eye contact in the full view modus

Made a portrait of my character, Taelon, in a completely different color scheme than I usually draw him in. It was so odd but I think silver and teal look nice on him too!

A Naiad from my first Strangehollow book (2017). I'm reprinting this book as part of my Seas Of Strangehollow crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (21st June 2022). Love doing watery ladies!

I painted my cat, Jiji, exactly a year ago. I still have one more cat portrait to paint since then...

Acrylics on canvas, 25x30cm.

Your checklist reminder for posting NSFW art:

1) Mark media as sensitive or hide it behind a content warning

2) Include the # NSFW hashtag (<-- this is so that people who don't want to see any NSFW art can filter the hashtag)

3) Explain *why* it's NSFW so that users can make an informed decision as to whether they want to click through

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Felix Charpentier - had a great ability to capture the softness of flesh in stone...

Another portrait for r/RedditGetsDrawn, painted for u/jackjustdied.

As usual these days, water soluble oil paint on canvas board, 24x30cm.

I used Winsor and Newton Artisan and Royal Talens Cobra Artist brands.

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