Just kinda posting this here because of some negative experience I've had with Mastopeeps in the past. Fortunately it's never been anyone from .art and it's been a while since I got harassed.

But honestly, if you don't like my pin-up art, you can mute/block me and my feelings won't be hurt. Unless someone is breaking actual rules/laws there is no excuse to call them out just bc you personally don't like it.

@micahdraws THANK YOU
the people criticized in that post annoy me so much

@micahdraws to drop a positive note: seeing your stuff has made me realize it's okay to freely draw all the gay shit in my head and be honest about it 💖 pls continue being a cool artist and a cool person

@vanhaase I didn't see this because my notifs got a bit flooded from this OP x_x but I'm glad it has helped you get more comfortable with it! Be your gayest self and embrace it with open arms because it will help you feel better about all your work! <3

@micahdraws it's very distressing 😖 As we all know there's been a push, mostly from commercial sites for commercial reasons, to make sites vanilla or SFW. SFW is a terrible standard; Living like you're at work all day. Not to mention how slow (or reluctant) businesses are to adopt social changes. Nor does everything need be standard palate. we can block/mute people, even sites. Let's not pretend we don't have em. Lastly, people need to stop pretending their comments are facts: they're opinions

@micahdraws basically: if one doesn't like something, that's ones opinion. Said person needs to stop pretending it's everyone elses (opinion)

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