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Hello everyone! Here is my new post!

I'm Micah, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist! I create the superheroes-meet-mythology webcomic, the Sparrow! All the characters are based on myth and folklore from around the world.

I also draw a lot of male pin-up art & I take commissions. Most of my NSFW goes on Patreon!

I'm @micahdraws most social media sites so feel free to say hi here or elsewhere! I love meeting ppl!

Also I'm probably going to run another tutorial stream on how to use 3D models in CSP. Info to come once I schedule it with some folks that have been asking

Downloaded Blender finally. Clip Studio Paint can import OBJs, which has been HUGE help with setting up scenes. There are TONS of free OBJs out there. But occasionally I need a specific scene set-up and can't find an OBJ to match.

So I'm learning how to make my own simple OBJ files to help with staging when I need a really particular prop or set dressing.

also, thanks be to .ART for being one place where the algorithm is not making people's lives miserable.

I am back from a convention! Expecting to resume my usual nonsense here soon

Conalt's cheerful nature often makes people forget he's a fae princeling connected to both the Morrigan and Donn, a faerie king of the dead.

It's rare, but Conalt can be utterly terrifying when he needs to be...

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Now taking queer couples' romance commissions for February! $125 per couple*, full color! 18+, fan art, or OC are all fine!

Reply or DM if interested! Limited spots available!

Sensitive: censored nudity in commission graphic

Soryn Demeri, verthani mechanic and hacker, perpetually exhausted and done with the bullshit.

Approved by the player's girlfriend, and I quote: "10/10 would bang"

Wow uh...I did not realize that would spam the local timeline? Sorry. I thought threaded replies only showed up on Home feeds

venting, social media frustration 

venting, social media frustration 

venting, social media frustration 

venting, social media frustration 

venting, social media frustration 

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