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Hello everyone! Here is my new post!

I'm Micah, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist! I create the superheroes-meet-mythology webcomic, the Sparrow! All the characters are based on myth and folklore from around the world.

I also draw a lot of male pin-up art & I take commissions. Most of my NSFW goes on Patreon!

I'm @micahdraws most social media sites so feel free to say hi here or elsewhere! I love meeting ppl!

@Curator Thank you so much for all the RTs and support over the last couple years. You are a fantastic community manager/leader!

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Hey who remembers around here?

Rikuo was kind of essential in my sexual awakening

Who wants to see a shot of Soldier 76 in the shower? If you do, here it is!

There's a NSFW version, line art, and a PSD up on my Patreon for various tiers:

Merlin, as depicted in the game Smite, because they are apparently targeting the Gays with this hot nonsense

warm up drawing of my Mechari character from the now-dead MMO, Wildstar. His name is Logis Metatrix and he was an arrogant jerk of an engineer.

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