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Hello everyone! Here is my new post!

I'm Micah, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist! I create the superheroes-meet-mythology webcomic, the Sparrow! All the characters are based on myth and folklore from around the world.

I also draw a lot of male pin-up art & I take commissions. Most of my NSFW goes on Patreon!

I'm @micahdraws most social media sites so feel free to say hi here or elsewhere! I love meeting ppl!

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art grumbling (-) 

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daily reminder to be self indulgent in your hobbies and the things that make you happy and that you shouldn't HAVE to monetize the things you enjoy just for them to be worthwhile

making you happy makes them worthwhile enough!!

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FYI, today is the last day of the map sale! 👀 Every download includes both a version with hex grid, and a version without, so you can use these in all your favorite !

Everything is 10% off with the code SEPTEMBER until midnight, pacific time!

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A helpful from @ArtCamp on twitter --->

"Portfolios should:

- focus on what you want to do
- feature only your best work
- not be padded out with your mediocre work
- have your email address
- be updated regularly
- have big images
- be very easy to browse
- be easy to save images from"

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Argo looks so rad in his Dervish gear on his Primeval griffon

Got into coloring my planeswalker OC, Telpalo, a merman transmutation wizard from !

His spark awoke during a fight against the Legion of Dusk, a fight that nearly killed him before he was whisked off to Zendikar.

WIP of my planeswalker-sona. He's a from , a wizard whose spark awoke during a battle with vampires!

GW2 ice dragon shitposting 

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