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Hello everyone! Here is my new post!

I'm Micah, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist! I create the superheroes-meet-mythology webcomic, the Sparrow! All the characters are based on myth and folklore from around the world.

I also draw a lot of male pin-up art & I take commissions. Most of my NSFW goes on Patreon!

I'm @micahdraws most social media sites so feel free to say hi here or elsewhere! I love meeting ppl!

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It might sound corny at first, but try listing just three things a day you're grateful for. You can do it in a cheap notebook and no one ever has to see it but you.

The 2020 Hunks & Myth calendar is coming, and I'm gonna start teasing the hunks! Here's the first, Arjun, the Indian weretiger!

Patrons get to see all of the now and get line art and flats too!

The doctor is in. Delphinium, M.D., my ghoran character! This glamour shot was probably taken when he was a popular chef on Arkanen.

Hey, did you know I do colors for the comic Alex Priest, Genderqueer Vampire Hunter? Because I do :D

Was having a really rough day today and managed to draw out some feelings via Scott and Markos from the Sparrow.

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My little frog-alien scout Ivo! He's quite fun-loving and friendly, incredibly flexible as well! Ivo enjoys lounging in trees and munching on bugs in his spare time. 🐸

Look at this cool thing I made! I'm making some updated profiles, now with stats for Team Sparrow! You can learn all about the Prophet in one neat page!

For a reader-friendly version, go to my website:

Caspar von Bergliez practicing in the mirror for Mr. Fódlan 2019 - Starting in October, all $5 and higher patrons get hi-res copies of all my line art and flats in addition to current rewards!

Markos is annoyed by your interruption!

Full illustration is my September thank you to ALL patrons! Sign up now to get the full pic!

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1. Use more reference.
2. If you paint a background, don't be lazy with it.
3. Design strong values. Think big shapes.
4. Silhouettes should tell the whole action.
5. Do more studies. From masters and life.
6. Focus on heads and hands. It's where we look first.
7. Keep going.


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