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Hello everyone! Here is my new post!

I'm Micah, I'm an illustrator and cartoonist! I create the superheroes-meet-mythology webcomic, the Sparrow! All the characters are based on myth and folklore from around the world.

I also draw a lot of male pin-up art & I take commissions. Most of my NSFW goes on Patreon!

I'm @micahdraws most social media sites so feel free to say hi here or elsewhere! I love meeting ppl!

I created a Dick pic because he is always a good idea. For those of you into it, the uncensored version of this and all my NSFW art is on Patreon. -- I'll be posting censored progress pics there too!

FYI: I can do custom art on those wood prints. If you end up wanting one with YOUR art on it, let me know either via DM or at

There's a little bit of prep work but I'm happy to put your art on a wood print.

Just a few pin-ups I doodled at work today. Kyle Rayner, Bucky Barnes, and Mirio Togata!

An OC crafted from three emoji given to me on birbsite. 🦄 🍭 💐

This is a candy fae knight who nude stride his candy unicorn (candy-corn?) delivering candy bouquets to worthy people. This might be the gayest thing I've ever drawn and I've drawn some pretty gay stuff

I really need to find a better way of CSP flatting that closes in these gaps. The lasso and fill does it but takes so long to do. Paint bucket is really fast but requires a lot of clean-up after. Anyone have any recs?

I have a little survey up for people who follow me. I'm trying to get a sense of what people think of my work and what they look for from me. If you have a few minutes, please take a moment to fill it out!

I have a short survey for all my followers, a lot of it is tied to my Patreon, etc. All answers are anonymous but I'd love to hear from you. Thank you!

Are you an fan? I'm taking pre-orders for these cool LED laser-engraved acrylic light stands!!

>>> <<<

For $25 + shipping you get the LED base and THREE acrylic inserts with characters of your choice! All playable Overwatch characters available, including sexy variants for some of the guys!

I may end up making sexy art of the Dead Cells guy >->

Wow, so many new followers! Please enjoy the parade of attractive men I'll be sending throuhg here

I'll get some new pin-ups soon, I'm so behind on so many projects right now :T

I STILL can't get past the Concierge in Dead Cells sigh

please meet this genie who only grants wishes to people that are so drunk, they're seeing stars

I'll put a NSFW version up on my Patreon:

ALSO I am taking pre-orders for these LED edge-lit acrylic light stands!

>> <<

$25 + shipping gets you a LED stand and THREE laser-engraved acrylic plates featuring the Overwatch characters of your choice! All playable characters available!

But yeah basically if topless (at least) men aren't your thing, then I maaaaay not be the artist for you

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