Got these markers as a Christmas present and been practicing to use them. Mixed them with coloured pencils.

Some Christmas cards I made (Phew, these took SO much longer to make than I imagined!). Still few to make. I'll post them later. 🎄🎄🎄

Haven't really done much with collage-techinque before, but I really like the way they turned out.


I made the animations for this music video. It was fun to do and hopefully I'll get to do something similar in the future! :)

I did some 2D VFX Animation for a music video. In the final video, the animation comes on top of a live picture.

The song is about Christmas and love (I know..cheesy, right?)

I'll post a link to the whole video once it comes out :)

I'm an animation student. I animate, draw comics and random doodles, and write stories. Traditional 2D animation and stop-motion are my favourites! My animations are usually warm and silly, whereas comics tend to slide more on to the dark side.


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