Hi everyone, I made a game called Aura's Room !
It's about a girl in her room, and also about being lonely.
This is my first solo experience, and my first foray into low-res
it was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it :)

btw it's a short game, takes 5-10 minutes to play through. Bitsy is a pretty minimalist framework!

@merricat i have to say, if you watched me play, you would soon grow to despise your players 😅​

@merricat ... my heart ;o;
the atmosphere is nicely done ❤️​

@merricat On the first day, i checked all the flat, and then for 10 minutes could'nt figure out what to do next. I know Nausicaa would often face-palm at my interactions with her bot

@shad i have a friend who did the same... I thought it was obvious that white objects could be interacted with.
My boyfriend said "yeah, but we are so used to these UI elements that we barely register them anymore"

@merricat et bien c'est au moment où je me suis dit "ah mais en fait, je peux interagir que avec les objets en blanc" que j'ai percuté qu'il restait un item auquel j'avais pas touché :')

@merricat I just tried it, nice work! Not sure if there was some hidden message I didn't get honestly, but still nice experience.

@octo I'm not sure since I don't know what you took away from it ! It does end abruptly, and there is no big moral or anything, it's more about feelings that I've had that I wanted to depict. But I don't believe they have an easy answer, or perhaps any answer. So the ending doesn't really bring confort or a neat closure, because that wouldn't ring true for me.

@caro that's a pretty big compliment, thank you too !!

@merricat c'était vraiment sympa, plein de bonnes petites idées d'interactions et de gameplay :amaze:

@merricat this was beautiful! I’ve never played a game which was so introspective and raw. I felt like I got to put myself in the girl’s shoes for a while and walk around in them. Thank you for letting me experience that. I feel like I just levelled up in emotional intelligence, and the ending dialogue was really poetic. I wish I’d written it down!

@merricat This looks so great; I can't wait to play it! I love the browser window frame for it as well.

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