Keeping it simple today: I didn't get much sleep and I don't feel like doing anything (though I have to get to work soon), but I didn't want to break my April drawing streak, so I doodled a succulent to cheer me up.

A bee. Bees are important.
It didn't photograph properly, but the bee is lined with golden ink.

She looks like I wish I looked: calm and at peace. Right now I feel the opposite of that.

Tried something looser because I feel like I need to improve the flow and spontaneity of my art.
There is room for improvement I guess, but it's OK.

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@RaeYcrep my accent use to be very close to the English modern received pronunciation, but after years of working (and talking to) people with all sorts of accents, it got a bit all over the place. The funny thing though is it sounds more natural now. Spoken English is really fascinating.

Four am. Can't sleep. Watching videos on rhotic and non rhotic English accents instead.

Griffin vultures are majestic balls of floof.
I love vultures: they are really smart and quite elegant.

@RaeYcrep Yes! 🙂
It's so much better than practical jokes anyway! If anything, there is little risk that it escalates to something dangerous or unpleasant.

@RaeYcrep OK - reputable sources confirmed this is still something kids do in schools.
Aiming for the backs of teachers grants extra points apparently. 🤣

@RaeYcrep we used to have that here in Italy too! 🙂
I did it as a kid and had forgotten that this was a thing. I need to ask my friend who has children if this is still something we do at school.

Fun fact: "Aprils Fool" is translated into "April's Fish" in Italian.
I am not a fan of practical jokes, so here is a goldfish instead.

New month: bring it on! April 01, 2020 at 12:15AM

@fluffyfied true! The patience mods and Community Managers have is something I deeply admire and appreciate. So many virtual spaces on the internet are there to offer comfort to people even when the "real world" can't, and mods and CMs contributions to this are invaluable.🙂

@tawpshelf @demonseamstress this is so true! Especially when arguing is only going to pointlessly feed aggressiveness.
Unrelated: damn, but @demonseamstress 's cosplays are 😍 .

I just stopped myself from answering an aggressive and unjustified post in a forum I often visit. I still kind of want to do it, but I know that engaging is only going to fuel the fire, so I am glad I can just breathe, step back, and have faith in the mods.
And as I type this, I am still running through all my arguments in my head. 😅

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