I found this WIP in my old laptop.
I think I'd like to give her a more imaginative outfit and finish this illustration.

I am still sad, things are still not great, but I like how this turned out.

A quick no-reference portrait I did this morning to calm my anxiety.

Sketching my friend's character in our latest D&D campaign: a paladin of Lathander.


A quick Saturday morning sketch as I recover from last night's D&D night: we are playing Curse of Strahd and we stayed up until pretty late (mostly trying to figure out how to save our characters skins).

As usual, sketched in Krita on Manjaro Linux.

Being home ill is terrible, but I managed to stay up enough in the late afternoon to draw a little bit.

Here is the finished version of the sketch I published yesterday.
I am quite happy with how it turned out, though I feel like there is room for improvement.


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