Eye contact (stylised portrait) 

I don't know how I feel about the end result except that I like the colour palette.

Eye contact (stylised art) 

I know I only post tiny sketches of elven ladies and once in a blue moon to make it worse!
But work has been intense and doodling is all I manage to do.
So... Here's another sketch of an elven lady? 😅

Went for a walk in the woods, got bitten by mosquitoes, found lots of interesting-looking mushrooms.


I think I could take a better picture of this if I had a working scanner or a good camera. I feel like this does look better IRL.
Anyway: this is done with alcohol based markers on rough watercolour paper.

You can tell how I miss Finland by the fact that all my abstract landscapes end up being really cold looking forests or lakes.

Obviously WIP, but I feel like I am getting better at abstract landscapes.
This one is three times as big as my other ones and it is coming along OK-ish.
Besides, they are great fun.

Haven't been posting as I have little energy recently.
But here's a magpie.
The concept isn't super original, but it was a good exercise.

Had a walk outside. Made sure to go where I could keep safe distance (not an issue at all where I am).

@olry@mstdn.social hi!
I follow you via write.as.

Embed looks fine to me on mobile . :)

And I do agree that the internet is getting better.

I have been working hard and doing little else, but here is something I don't completely hate.

Reunited with my personal source of anti-sadness since I was a teen.
Reading this feels like going back home, to a place that is warm, safe and welcoming.

Inspired by @tinyskylines and waaaay out of my comfort zone (never drawn this many straight lines before).

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