The pros of being home ill.
I am not sure I am happy about this but I trying to stick to the "finish what you started" philosophy.

I have been enjoying painting abstract landscapes with markers recently.

Trying something different to cheer myself up with markers on moleskine watercolour paper.

My D&D character: a human blacksmith with dwarven ancestors. She is a cleric of the forge.
She is strong and wise, but not very smart, hence the confident smile while she's trapped in Barovia.

I found this WIP in my old laptop.
I think I'd like to give her a more imaginative outfit and finish this illustration.

Autumn: a big sweater, a cup of tea, and a big window to watch the rain fall.

I love trees, they are beautiful, with their organic, perfect shapes.

I realise this black and pink thing is getting out of hand, but today's sketch, as ugly and flawed as it os, was therapeutic.

More black and pink faeries.
I am winding down and warming up for

Finally doodling something after a long hiatus.
Sh*t just kept happening this year, but I am OK.
I don't like how this came out, but I am grateful I could do it. Next one will be better.

Happy Monday!
I have aday off, so I am starting my monday with some almond milk coffee and greek yogurt mixed with matcha and vanilla flavoured protein powder (tastes surprisingly delicious).

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