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“You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in”. – Eliezer Yudkowsky

I am writing a series of blog posts with the tools I find useful to maintain a blog/website.
These are tools I use, all free - most of them FOSS:
Part 1: TinyPNG:
Part2: Joplin:
Is there anything you use and suggest?

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Another , the pixelfed version again 😁

Mosaikum, the photographer

Deerbard_photo, is the side account of the artist deerbard for photos

Eclipse kingdom does Minecraft pictures of builds

Andrew Abernathy is also a photographer

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Hey, I'm doing some quicc 20 dollar pfp commissions to pay for college textbooks for anyone interested!

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New month: bring it on! October 01, 2019 at 12:15AM

My D&D character: a human blacksmith with dwarven ancestors. She is a cleric of the forge.
She is strong and wise, but not very smart, hence the confident smile while she's trapped in Barovia.

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trying to gauge interest for a small LGBT creative collective

it would be for LGBT peeps who Make Things (visual arts, performative arts, writing, coding of any kind) that are not part of a company or another big collective. I want to help build a network of people that can uplift each other and their work.

I can offer:
- a small mailbox under the main domain
- a subdomain
- a spot in the main domain, which would be a directory of creators


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Who out there can I commission to draw a black woman with a fusion of cowgirl and witch aesthetics?

I found this WIP in my old laptop.
I think I'd like to give her a more imaginative outfit and finish this illustration.

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Since the website is basically a big database where alternatives are added by users, it clearly isn't as good as was.
As an example: user comments can be useful, but the site doesn't promote ethical software so GAB ended up being listed first as an alternative to Twitter. 😩

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