I failed. I just bought some groceries. However, other than lunch later I don't expect any other purchases

@loke I am not the Buy Nothing police, but as far as I'm concerned, you can buy food and stay within the spirit of Buy Nothing Day. High five for good intentions! ✋

It is Adbusters. They have a few different campaigns on the go under various names/websites now.

@melpsn There is another Black Friday alternative: Pay For Nothing Day.

Just don’t get caught⁓ 😘

@slightlyflightyone @melpsn yeah, it's not about the extremes, it's about resisting the brainwash. (Full disclosure: I bought a hot cup of coffee and a breadstick.)

@qwazix @melpsn I actively advocated for shoplifting. I guess we each politic in our own way. 🤷

@slightlyflightyone @melpsn yeah I'll disagree with that. But I'm not really anti-capitalist. It's just that Black Friday is too much.

@qwazix @melpsn Okay. Well, I am a moral person who cares about the welfare and survival of people. :P

@slightlyflightyone @melpsn I'd like to think that about myself too, but I'm sure there are differences along the way :-P

@qwazix @melpsn Honey, if you support the economic policy where a minority of people make vast amounts of money by requiring others to work on their behalf in order to generate profits for themselves, you oppose human welfare. If you support the economic policy which explicitly incentivizes exploitation of citizens of nations with minimal restrictions on worker abuse, you oppose human survival.

You *cannot* be a capitalist and genuinely support human welfare and survival.

@slightlyflightyone @melpsn I have quite a lot of counter arguments to that, mainly that human welfare under capitalism is better than it ever was under anything else. We will all die from climate change though I give you that, but it's not that the other systems were particularly eco-sustainable either.

Well... you can go fuck yourself with hot takes like those. 😂😂😂

@melpsn a pity that we in the Netherlands are also starting with this nonsense. We are adopting more and more American commercial crap and than shout: we loose our identity.

@melpsn Good for them. They make the stores less crowded for shopping.

@melpsn Cool! For me every day is buy nothing day though. I really keep it to the minimum.
Not like I have a choice lol !

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