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So in the last couple weeks, I signed up to become a Project Gutenberg proofreader. I've started trying to read a newspaper article a day in French to increase my fluency. I am putting together plans for an art blog page. I started reading Rumi. I have started learning a little Scottish Gaelic.

People: So what have you been up to lately?

Me: Uh.... *draws a blank* not much.

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I went to college for Art & Graphic Design. It was the first time I was completely surrounded by other creative oddballs and felt like I belonged somewhere.

A long time passed in the regular world where I didn't feel like that anymore.

Then I found out about Mastodon and this instance in particular.

Even though I don't post art as often as I post randomness, this is the first time in years I've had that feeling again.

Thank you all for being yourselves.


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me: I want to be good at things
my subconscious: pretty sure the best way to do that is to not practice ever
me: seems legit

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I was today years old when I learned that vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) are neither squid nor octopi and are the sole extant species in their own order of cephalopods:

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Putting my bins out in the standard #Australian configuration, with recycling and kangaroos separated from general waste.

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getting angry as fuck at the fact that you dont actually smash the keys but instead press the Acceptable Keysmashing Letters in random patterns

This winter arrived early but has been surprisingly mild. Even though my carrots & potatoes are locked by frost in the ground, my beet, onion and strawberry plants are wilty but alive. Some of my onions are even growing a little. Of course, there is always that week at the end of Jan or early Feb where temperatures hit - 30C, so that's coming up. Still, it's nice to see my plants beating the odds.

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weird how we banned owning people but renting them is still cool

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Somebody told me about linux today so I’m burning an install disk.

Not sure how this is supposed to work but it sure is pretty 😍

I was registering for a site the other day and I looked up the Gaelic word for Chickadee for my username, because I love chickadees.

Turns out that Gaelic for Chickadee means "sissy bird"

Excuse me, language??

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this is now my favorite old ad I've ever found and the correct way to read it is to picture the little man there bouncing around and going "heh heh whee!" like a child.

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Look at this little dragon curled up on its pile of gold. LOOK AT IT!

But Karen, you say, why would you buy one of @quietsnooze 's little dragons when you are making your own? BECAUSE NONE OF MINE HOLD DICE is why.

(yes it should properly be the polyhedrals but the Fudge dice were closer to hand)

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17 hours later (or so it feels), I've done the rows that fall between my thumb and finger. #MastoArt

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These are my piles of art I've finished that didn't sell so got stashed in folders. Small (A6) and medium (A5) on the left, large (20cm squares and A4) on the right. Both piles over an inch thick.

For $5 I'll send you a small, $7.50 medium, $10 large. You'll get a random one. They're all signed originals, all intricately detailed ink drawings. Price includes worldwide postage.

Pay to and include (or DM me) size, quantity, address. #MastoArt #CreativeToots

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Hey Mastopeople, new and old!

Just a reminder that a CW is supposed to give people a clear heads up as to what the post is about, in case they don't have the emotional energy to deal with that thing at the time.

More and more I see clever, vague, or metaphorical ways of describing it, and although I can see the appeal of thinking of these kinds of headers, it's still kind of forgetting the point.

Thanks for being awesome!

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