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So in the last couple weeks, I signed up to become a Project Gutenberg proofreader. I've started trying to read a newspaper article a day in French to increase my fluency. I am putting together plans for an art blog page. I started reading Rumi. I have started learning a little Scottish Gaelic.

People: So what have you been up to lately?

Me: Uh.... *draws a blank* not much.

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I went to college for Art & Graphic Design. It was the first time I was completely surrounded by other creative oddballs and felt like I belonged somewhere.

A long time passed in the regular world where I didn't feel like that anymore.

Then I found out about Mastodon and this instance in particular.

Even though I don't post art as often as I post randomness, this is the first time in years I've had that feeling again.

Thank you all for being yourselves.


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Them: "I pirated your video on freelancing. It's good, but I'm scared to go into this career because I'm really worried about rampant art theft. Any advice?"

Me: "..."

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You know what, I decided to darken the Pepper&Carrot website for the next days. I hope this will draw attention to the risk that creators incur with censorship machines and upload filters everywhere.


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Happy Equinox, mes chéries. I wish you all life, growth, and abundance in the coming year. 🌍

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Happy Ostara and full moon, friends! Today’s Tarot Draw is the High Priestess from the Sinking Wasteland Tarot at

The High Priestess represents a link to the subconscious. She is wise, understanding, and calm. This card encourages you to pay attention to your inner voice and intuition.

I should clarify that it *was* in a wrapper, I didn't just throw a bare block of butter on the counter for the cat to lick.

There were rough tongue marks on the butter again this morning.

Note to self: put softening butter in a container so the cat doesn't eat it anymore.

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The dust & snow mold out there is closing off my throat just a smidge, but I'll be damned if I shut the window

I've started what might be a large series of art projects

Which is to say, I've made 3 idea sketches to work out details and probably need to make somewhere between 10 & 300 more before I can actually begin the preliminary piece

But it's going to be pretty great

That, or just the worst. But I won't know until it's done!

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I can't even... the cat made a little blanket fort and only her ears stick out!

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The cats ran out of food in their dish in the night, and this morning I found a block of butter, knocked off the counter, with the wrapper partially torn off, fuzzy with cat hair.

One of my cats (and I know which one) decided it was worth trying to supplement her diet by licking a block of dairy product.

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Whenever baking instructions say "place in the middle of the oven", I take a second to acknowledge this deep mystery of the universe: has anyone ever found the middle of the oven? Every oven I've ever owned has holding racks only slightly above and below.

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It's finally (just barely) melting out there! There's still a foot of snow in my backyard, but I have my kitchen window open anyway.

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