@mellific I love how deftly & gently you've used these very muted colour pallettes to get a sense of luminosity, lovely stuff 😍

@mellific Wow these are awesome! What drawing tablet to you use?

@kylinux thank you! i have a 6 year old wacom bamboo pen & fun that's PROBABLY slowly giving me carpal tunnel. but it's been super reliable so i guess i can't complain?

@mellific wowww super enjoy your style!! I’d love to know what podcasts you’d recommend too! 👀

@chengeling haha my taste in games is so shallow, it's almost entirely based on how pretty i think the game is, but my current favorites are INSIDE and hyper light drifter!! i have portal on my computer i just gotta carve out the time to actually play it >>

@mellific lmao I think you probably portion your time better, finished both already, bought 8 other games today >.>

Cuphead I'm excited to play, some I will play/try later when I get the time, some I bought because I just wanted them hahaha

Portal I finished but I think I left Portal2 halfway. Realistically there's just way too many games to finish properly, much to my regret

@chengeling UGH YEAH i've bought so many humble bundles and actually played maybe like............. 5% of those games haha. it's just. they're so cheap! i have so little self control.

ooh let me know what you think of cuphead though, i've seen it floating around and i'm super curious about it!

@mellific I'm thinking it will be around the same difficulty as those older arcade games, like metal slug with avoid multi projectiles. Maybe similar to Hyper Light Drifter.

Haha humble bundles tell me about it.. I went on there and bought a few today as well. It's just really funny how we buy an entire bundle of 20+ games just for 1 game sometimes.

STEAM SALES THO. the death of me.


@eecks oh gosh SAME TO YOU the colors you use are so striking & gorgeous!!

and ohhh man talking about podcasts is like, my favorite thing i'm sorry i already know i'm gonna go overboard with this

- orbiting human circus of the air is... it's pretty strange & offbeat but it's also so warm and lovely; it reminds me a lot of shaun tan's "tales from outer suburbia" book in it's strangeness??

- alice isn't dead is probably technically "soft horror" but it's also got GORGEOUS scenery and a really intense plot!

- the moth is a bunch of autobiographical stories told by all sorts of different people, it's hit or miss but the stories are short so that helps! also it made me cry on a public bus once?

- i SPECIFICALLY recommend "stars, rockets, and moons" and "the man on the moon" from the moth (<- this one's on youtube i think) they're my favorite stories!!

ALSO IF YOU HAVE RECS IN RETURN i'd love to hear them!!


@mellific Thank you so muchhh!!

AND OMG tell me about it, podcasts are one of my top ways of passing time, I’m glad to find another who love the medium as much as I do!

I feel like our choice of podcasts tho are very different though!! Yours are very story-based but also full of imaginative ideas and I’m so glad to have a list to explore that genre now haha— tbh I tried to avoid a lot of fictional ones because some, as you say, a bit of a hit or miss, and I feel like my past experiences haven’t been too positive D>;; THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE RECS, I’m gonna add them to my podcasts app heh

Gonna toot another reply because I feel like my recs are gonna run me out of characters LOL IRONICALLY


@eecks @mellific lol I'll shave off a couple for you: HELLO INTERNET/ CORTEX
STARTUP(gimlet media)


@chengeling @mellific LMAO well you got the couple that are super good- BUT JESS HAVE YOU NEVER LISTENED TO HOMECOMING


@eecks @mellific I finished it. Right now podcasts are competing for time with actual work music, and more industry related talks/podcasts that I would like to listen to more. TV shows I binge while noodling on ipad.

@chengeling Heheh noodling on ipad.. such a funny word 🌝



Mine are more of the business/startup/two guys talking genre but they’re some of my favourites!!
- Hello Internet - highly rec this, it’s two youtubers that make educational videos just bantering with one another, but one is a thinker and the other is a do-er and both are equally nerdy so it’s a combination of really good talks and a lot of inside jokes
- Cortex ^ has one of the same guys from above, but exploring his systems and workflows (can be boring sometimes)
- Homecoming - by gimlet!! It’s fictional and they just finished season 2; the story is REALLY good and the audio editing is amazing!! They have some big voice actors in it, including Ross from friends and one of the guys in the starwars movie
- Startup - also by gimlet! It’s meta for the first season because it’s how they built gimlet media, but they also have a season on american apparel!! Basically they talk start ups and literally start from the ground up
- How I built this - by NPR but similar idea to the one above with.. I suppose more of a story-telling kind of feel? It feels very edited but still makes a good RL business story LOL
- Heavyweight - gimlet as well, basically a guy trying to make people talk and fix their problems
- Embedded - NPR, they take a news story and take a diff twist and expand it for a whole season
- Eureka - thinker talk, by the people who started the baron fig (notebook company that got built from kickstarter funding)


@mellific ONE MORE - reply all (gimlet) basically two guys talk about the internet and do crazy things

SORRY M-MY LIST WAS A BIT EXTENSIVE... but do let me know if you ever take a listen!! I always draw to a podcast so a lot of my ideas and compositions probably stem subconsciously from the things I grab from these haha ;;;


@eecks NO THIS IS AWESOME, thank you so much!!!!! for someone who works in tech, i've just realized tech-y/business podcasts are like, an entire genre i've never looked into?? |D i loove interesting nonfiction stories & facts though so this list looks amazing

omg i'm super excited, these are going to make my commute so much more productive & interesting haha


@mellific @eecks i so second that reply-all podcast, they do a really good job of covering a wide variety of weird internet things with a great range of perspectives and scopes, i love them

also i recommend snap judgement, which is a bunch of short, usually self-narrated stories about slightly bizzare things that happened, and the host is a really cool guy who has had lots of strange experiences

@modgethanc @mellific Omg on the tangent about reply all though- have you heard the episode about tracking down the company in India- I think I almost died laughing through most of the dialogue

Thank you for sharing your rec as well! Super happy to have so many new titles to explore

@eecks @mellific yes, that spammer arc was one of my favorites! i still can't fucking believe they did that at all holy shit

@modgethanc @mellific LOL likewise omg, they took it pretty far- I thought they would stop at the gps tracker itself but having to even book a flight over was just so ridic yet so perfectly fitting for the podcast LOL

@eecks @modgethanc ............. i'm so curious about this now. i listened to the one where they tracked down the ... bunny stripper game? today? and it was super fun!

@mellific @modgethanc omg yes that was also really good listen LOL the two eps in question are #102 and #103 in the feed..! mastodon.art/media/pAFD3FpTQu9

@modgethanc @mellific oops I didn’t meant to mark that as sensitive(?) haha it’s just a screenshot..!

@mellific similar for me, front end dev by day, and some illustration by night :)

@mellific your enviromental work is amazing!!! 😱❤️❤️

@fanfi haha thank you!! 💕💕 i made a resolution to draw more humans this year and i 200% Did Not Do That but uh............ maybe next year |D

@mellific hey im sure your knowledge in enviroments will translate amazing into humans as well! if im lucky, ill be able to do more backgrounds next year! haha

@fanfi we can trade haha, i love how natural & varied your human figures are !!

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