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did a couple sticker designs for a friend of her puppy izzy!

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korby pt. ii
cc @mellific with thanks to marieblue05 on twitter

fun fact: as ungulates, each fully grown adult deer has at least two eyes!

some outfit doodles with a friend's oc!

the lady of the lake for FORGED, a zine about girls with swords!

there's a game going around where you design an OC based off a friend's moodboard and it's a TON of fun!

i pull down my concert hall and there's a BIGGER aria joie monument underneath

this barely counts as fanart, but it's the fractal garden from COUNTER/weight! cyberpunk colors are the best?

that's roman mars & joseph fink talking about how much they love doomtree. it's the best?

(marked sensitive for mild friends at the table spoilers!)

well i've officially listened to all 80+ hours of COUNTER/weight and it was a ton of fun, here are some giant robots.

the desert is full of ghosts. (gift for @inkybarracuda@twitter, of her character Nome!)

i've been playing animal crossing literally all day guess who is my favorite

the little huevember constellation dudes, compiled!

(also, image tip: if you hover over your uploaded images you can add a caption for accessibility)

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