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... And then the Cave Story OST comes on and I get my mood swung around again. Yeehaw.

God. It's one of those days where music just steers emotions around. Gotta love Bôa - 'Duvet' though.

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AprilArtJourney, destruction of a building 

, day 16: the Tower. What a sadly fitting image for today.

Picture shows a dark painting of a tower, struck by lightning. It's in flames, crumbling.

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@ShugoWah How is life over there on ?
I kinda miss the sergs on here...

Felt like putting more effort in those headshot scribbles, so here we go! Did some more lovely .
(Owned by mick39 @ ) She's lovely to doodle with the hair and rich fluff. Done coloring with my markers but the main one ran out, sad sad sad!

okay, so. I was thinking to myself how I wanted to draw my T-Stalkers, but then I realized that was a lovely way to start.... Seems I overlooked how complex mowa is here and there. Anyhow, have this! mowamowa belongs to mick39 ( )

Have a lovely boy I made, just a little attempt to try braided hair a little and I think it looks decent on Nevreans too.

Not sure why, but my mind got very mixed up with several things I've seen mick make before. Made it a little too big to be any of the molegatherer tribe, so I goofed there. Might use this later for some more water colouring practice!

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so.... I made a thing for Lime Ade
Yeah. I put too much effort in this shit....
I was gonna say something clever but nah.
Buttbabies don't work between T-stalkers and Nevreans.
fuck it going to bed now

Did a little female as a test of my watercolors, Kiki's recent watercolor works reminded me I had my set laying around. Really digging doing this so far, so will be making some more themed around

The drawing I have been stalling for the weekend, really went overboard with the lightening. Kinda wanted to give extremer contrasts a go. Kinda flopped at first, but I think I managed to make it look OK. I am happy with this. Kinda based off the one on the wiki.

Had a little discussion about what kinds of teas the Talyxian Humans might make and which herbs they would use. And how I'd like to have a tea date with one of them, would be nice for some chitter chatter. So drew it out a little!

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