So here's my artwork for , a witch making a new species called Octopumpkin.

Also this is the first art I'm posting on mastodon, maybe this can be of use as a proper introduction for me as an artist.
Nice to meet you all!

@megumumpkin The Octopumpkin is SO adorable! I mean, spooky!

This is a fantastic intro post, welcome <3

@megumumpkin This is really cute, and it looks great! I like it a lot!

@megumumpkin welcome! Very Nice illustration, live the shading !

@megumumpkin Welcome! Love the style! At first I actually thought this was a piece by David Reevoy (possibly as I saw their avatar as having boosted it) although the harder shadows and more rounded look give it a different feel. A perfect post-all Hallows Eve piece! 💕

@megumumpkin The lighting in this is just breathtaking!! I wish I could draw even 1/10th as well as this :(

I definitely want to try one day, stuff like this motivates me.

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