three days and a hurting back - another addition to my series of musicians

Every year I start out May thinking I might skip the mermaid drawing... But I can't resist a design challenge. Went with a spooky spacey theme... The open ocean and deep space are equally unnerving imo. Tho the earth and land are really the weird ones all things considered...

Telegram stickers for who won a giveaway yesterday on twitter! I'll do one over here too sometime ;0

Howdy, I'm open for commissions of all sorts! I've added some new types and discounts since my last post.

Email, DM, or submit a quote on my website to nab one, and see full info and ToS here:

If you have questions feel free to ask!

@david oh! thank you for the kind words! unfortunately I'm not open for commissions at the moment (and I didn't design any of the dragons I drew in that thread - it was all just gift art of peoples existing characters/sonas)

Moved a bunch of my old pictures into folders so I can start afresh, and discovered the lines for this one sitting around so I decided to finish it. Watercolour, gouache and colour pencil.

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