Some more s done in ! These three were all pretty difficult color schemes. Characters are Auxlang (, Darius, and Lafayette (these last two are from the Bottle World universe)

I just finished another album art commission. My client loves it πŸ’ƒ.

If you need an artwork for your next project contact me:

These were commissions for fantastic musicians - check them out ❀️:,,
#art #illustration #music #mastoart

Some draws done in ! I missed Inktober but I'll try to do some of these this month. Characters are Sarinath (, Ginnun (, and Malai (@megjames)

CW for artistic nudity! Tried out my fancy new watercolour block and painting on it is a TREAT. Might not be 100% finished with this but it's looking pretty right now and I was excited so here!

its finally done, just a random dragon boy but for so long i have been trying to do this painting style in krita and i finally found out the right brushes for it.

Trying to work on my line weight, decided to do a bunch of tiefling headshots for practice.

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