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I'm open for ! If you're interested or have questions, I can be contacted by email (commissions @ or you can DM me! please review the Terms of Service and additional info on my website:

thanks for looking! 🐻✨

Here's some drawings I made for Snakes with Hats Community group on Facebook!
Two of these snakes belong to users of the group Smiling face with 3 hearts

Melting is more interesting than walking, but I do not recommend doing it this frequently.

Hey! I'm Raj, I'm a freelance illustrator, comics and graphic artist. Open for work.

Check me out also on my Twitter. Same handle! (@rajavlitra)

Always another carcass to roast, or pan to clean, or mouth to feed! She enjoys it, but it gets hectic being the only person in town who knows how to cook. And they all bring in their kills at the same time!

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I've been working on some inks of Beak lately, hammering down some changes to their design and how I draw them that I like.

The forest didn't go quiet in her presence. It's like the animals didn't even know she was there. So neither did her mark.

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You can't kill mint. It will always come back, no matter how many times you cut it down.

This is something of a pride design for June - no flags, nothing fancy, just something simple that kind of sums up my feelings about queerness.

You can nab this sticker and support a queer creator by joining my patreon!

This process went up yesterday on Patreon:

Berry-tier members get early access to new art and behind the scenes posts like this!

A surprise treasure arrived - made by my Mum!

I think she was eager to make the game's first fan-art - I reckon she got it pretty spot on Ok hand

It'll be by my desk as I work on the game from now on.

hell yeah hell yeah pride skelly

by @extinct whomst doin ych's like thiiiis

His motto has always been, 'Any hole you can dig yourself into, you can dig yourself out of.' Yes, his children like to repeat this back to him when he asks for any kind of help.

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couple old stickers for DispairingHare on Discord! (don't know their socials, sorry!)

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