meet Ramis! he's a malaika, a fluffy dragon species belonging to Scaleeth! I got inspired by Scaleeth's good good art of her dragons and she let me make one!

u should check out Scaleeth's patreon:

Character sheet commission for d00r-kun on tumblr of their lovely gal! Had so much fun with the colors on this one!

Figuring out my color palette for this dude.

Working in Krita. My new tools -- one named Scorch. It's a fun painter.

Art trade with my friend Yamicool of her big cute bovigon (bovine/dragon) Gwen doing a little gardening <3

I saw some love from you guys for the only closeup I posted here, so here goes another one.

all my ocs are witches to an extent but infinity is the only one with a hat

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