You encounter something in a parking lot one night.

some gf s ..... hehe
alyenne (left) & luoying (right) ! luoying is a redraw of a design i did last month or so

RT Hi everyone! I'm a concept artist looking for a full-time position and willing to relocate. Previously Disney Interactive and BonusXP. Retweets and likes greatly appreciated. ✨

You can check out more of my work at my website:


VEIL NEBULA, the Portal Starborn. Her claws and hoodie are a part of her and she has the ability to open portals to go back to places she has visited.

Another Major Arcana I made for my Tarot deck project.

This is n.9, The Hermit.

I have to confess I struggled a little bit with this one, and I changed the designed a few times. It wasn't as easy to apply the Futurists aesthetics as it was with the others without it looking like some kind of ghost.

okay here's the final imageπŸ‘ I'm going to spend the next few days editing my process video and hopefully I'll be all set to submit thurs morning! πŸ‘Œ

Chief of the Ways

Really old piece for me, but I still quite like it.

Another old OC, unnamed fire axolotl or something like that.

What better way to kick off being back than with some self-indulgent furry art!

Next tarot card: 98% done, \o/. :)
I will probably release it on Tuesday.
Here is card no. 19 - "The Moon". #mastoart #illustration #art #krita

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