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is OUT! Find out what wisdom the Owl-Woman has for you ✨ A short fortune teller experience for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. PWYW!

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Hi Mastodon!

I'm Meagan, an artist, illustrator, and game dev. Here are some places you can find my stuff!
(CW for nudity)


[CW: body horror]
Against my better judgment, I'm embarking on a new personal piece.

Finished up a big contract yesterday, but now my wrist is acting up. Got extensions on my other deadlines so I can rest my arm.

I've been really quiet on here lately bc I had an avalanche of freelance work come in. Things should lighten up a bit after this week though

I was debating whether to associate this with my real name anywhere, but... eh... life is short, carpe diem or whatever.

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Time to show off this splash screen I did for my client Brian's fantasy :)

Time to show off this splash screen I did for my client Brian's fantasy :)

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Winter Shaman - Mixed Media - 11x14

I created this piece for a group showing at Gargoyles Statuary in Seattle. In the near future I'll be making prints available.

#artwork #watercolor #shaman #winter #illustration #mastoart

Hey all ✨ Wanted to put it out there that I have some availability for commissions/projects/etc. coming up in Feb! Send me an email if you're interested :) meagantrott (at) gmail


Oh, psst, hey... physical deck Kickstarter is something that is definitely going to happen. Still working out a launch date atm

I finished painting my latest Live 2D animation test. Time for rigging AKA the scariest part

Hi crowd - Anybody have any experience with Adventure Creator for Unity? Ive been watching some tutorials, and it looks like it would be extremely helpful for my next project, and I wondered if anyone has any opinions on it.

I'm toying with the idea of doing a Kickstarter to cover printing costs and establish preorders... Hmm...

I might end up doing preorders... If I can get at least 30 preorders, the pdf handling fee would pay for itself in money saved by bulk discount. And that way I could just do my own text in Inkscape and not have to worry about it... Anyway, I'll have updates when I'm decided.

My first card deck came from the printer today! The custom tuck box looks really good. The text is off-center on some of the card though, owing to their web interface for adding text being not very precise. :/ 'll have to do some tweaking before I order the full run.

I don't have any photos of myself from 2009 on hand, so here's an art comparison. The first image is an acrylic painting I did for my partner as birthday gift. We'd been together for just under a year(?) then.

I got word from the printer that my test deck has been printed and shipped, and I'll have it within the next week!

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