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is OUT! Find out what wisdom the Owl-Woman has for you ✨ A short fortune teller experience for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. PWYW!

Another sprite done!
Madame Giry - prima ballerina Meg's great-aunt. She's been working for the opera house a long time. I like to imagine she's turned down the director position multiple times bc she doesn't want to deal with the petty drama that comes with that job.

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:artpeek: Art commissions are open!

I do various types of art (personal, livestream, affordable sketches...) so to make things a bit less confusing, you can use the comms portal to read more about the type you're interested in:

It's ok to ask additional questions over DMs.

Thank you for your consideration~!

Finally finished up a new sprite! Here's Carlotta Giudicelli, business-savvy opera diva and mentor to the younger singers.

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👀 Who is she?

(I'm still working on sprite art! Just been really busy with life and job-related stuff!)

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Me: I'm trying to decide if this character's color scheme is making her look like the villain from the Disney Pocahontas movie.

Partner: ...Wait, who was the villain in Disney's Pocahontas?

Me: I know, right?

New sprite in the works! Sketching out alternate hand positions right now.

Omg I actually have something for this week. I finally have a real weekend again, so I'm going to try to knock out the rest of her expressions

I guess go play the full version of In Blood when it comes out if you want to see it ;)

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When you're really pleased with a CG you made for a client but you can't show it off bc it's major spoilers T_T

TIL there exists "hot Moreau" fanart. Y'all are weird, but I appreciate you. Keep doin' what you're doin' 👍

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