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is OUT! Find out what wisdom the Owl-Woman has for you ✨ A short fortune teller experience for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. PWYW!

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Hi Mastodon!

I'm Meagan, an artist, illustrator, and game dev. Here are some places you can find my stuff!
(CW for nudity)


Got the OK to show off this piece I did for @emptyfortress 's in-progress CRPG earlier this year! I had so much fun with this warlock character and the ominous fantasy landscape

Working on the booklet today. My plan is to have all the necessary pdfs ready to go by the end of this week and place the order with the printer early next week 👍

I’m doing some more sprite work for my client Brian’s fantasy VN, and I’m pretty excited to show off this succubus character. 💕
L: original “neutral pose” sprite I made awhile back
R: “combat pose” variation I completed earlier this week


Some sapphic vampires are underway. Maybe I can finish this before Pride month ends

It's been awhile since I've shown off any of my client work bc of the Kickstarter, so now that I have a bit of a breather...
I painted this spooky guy for my client Brian's fantasy VN :)

The KS is over and we reached the booklet goal! Ahhhhhh! Thank you all so much!

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Indonesian art - I forgot to take note of the artist names, but will try to find them later. It was all contemporary art, with very strong messages and thoughts on politics, religion, gender, our relationship with social media...

The last two photos are of royal horse armour and some rather nice floor tiles.

3 days to go and *just* short of the $1700 stretch goal! Maybe you can help us reach it?

5 days to go! Right now, we're fully funded and have reached the first stretch goal, so if you want to pre-order an deck with beautiful gilded edges, pledge soon! 🦉💕

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Classism; tell me if you’re an example of this guy being wrong 

(Omg... that 3" as in 3 inches, not 3 feet 😅)

We're at $1618 now! Since we're getting so close to hitting the $1700 stretch goal, I want to announce a third stretch goal: vinyl stickers!
At $2000 everyone who pledged for a deck will also receive a 3' die cut vinyl sticker featuring the masked ladies from the Rite card

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