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is OUT! Find out what wisdom the Owl-Woman has for you ✨ A short fortune teller experience for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. PWYW!

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Me: I'm trying to decide if this character's color scheme is making her look like the villain from the Disney Pocahontas movie.

Partner: ...Wait, who was the villain in Disney's Pocahontas?

Me: I know, right?

New sprite in the works! Sketching out alternate hand positions right now.

Omg I actually have something for this week. I finally have a real weekend again, so I'm going to try to knock out the rest of her expressions

I guess go play the full version of In Blood when it comes out if you want to see it ;)

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When you're really pleased with a CG you made for a client but you can't show it off bc it's major spoilers T_T

TIL there exists "hot Moreau" fanart. Y'all are weird, but I appreciate you. Keep doin' what you're doin' 👍

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I just wanna say I love transformative fandom, because Capcom is like:

"Here's some horrible mutants who have enslaved a whole village and torture its people to death"

...and then 2/3rds of the fanfic/art is like:

"Supportive mom Alcina takes her daughters to McDonalds for chiky nugs and funny uncle Karl tags along"

I genuinely adore this. Humans are wild.

All I wanted was to sit down and have a glass of wine with this nice lady, but Capcom made me shoot her. Fucked up.

[marked sensitive for... eroticism???]

I've reached the point in my skill level where I can pretty much just bullshit my way through fabric folds and drapery without much of a reference and it's usually passable.

Might as well throw this up here.
Been backseating while my partner plays the new Resident Evil... Marking as sensitive just in case?


Also pretty sure a lot of passports and visas require proof of certain vaccinations too?

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Really annoyed at people acting like requiring proof of vaccination for anything is a new thing. Like... When I was enrolling in college, I had provide a bunch of paperwork proving that I'd had all my vaccines. And I'm under the impression that that's standard practice for most schools in general, not just higher education?

Completely random request: Any recommendations of streamers/LPers playing RE8? I don't do survival horror as a player, but I want to experience being threatened by Foxy Vampire MILF vicariously.

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