Greetings all.

Just an other person checking out #mastodon as a possible #twitter exit route.

I'm an older geek dad in the California bay area.

Please talk to me about #coffee , #puns , #infosec , #books , #scifi or other geeky topics.

I've already discovered #mastocats hash tag, and it's made the site vastly nicer than Twitter already.


@pseudonym I saw that you followed me. Pleased to meet you! You probably followed me for my art, which is all I've posted here, but like you, I'd also describe myself as an "older geek dad in the SF Bay area." 😁

@mdashow fantastic. Yeah, think I saw one of the art pieces. What flavor of geek? The dad stuff is quite the adventure, eh?


@pseudonym I'm not even sure how to qualify "what flavor of geek?' Some of everything? Sci fi and fantasy, computer games, Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars, animated movies, puzzles, ren faire (esp. back when it was actually in the Bay Area.) And yeah, being a dad is definitely an adventure. I've got one 15-y.o. How 'bout you? (If you don't mind my asking.)

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