Whatever you're charging for your art, charge more.

"" model of from . Her texture file is actually a 3 by 3 pixel png, and you can see below how I cheated the star design on the chest by stretching and angling out the UV's separately. I could lower the polygons further, for now these extra loops will be used in a rig.

PROTIP: If ever using xgen and alembic caches together in maya, save yourself the hours of grief I just experienced and make sure your animation evaluation is set to "DG". Parallel will just wreck your whole day.

Historically: Ages ago I started working on this 3d version of a sketch in pen I did. Returned tonight to make the rose eyes. Looks like the last time I had 'rendered' this I hadn't applied the normal maps yet either.

Technically: In the middle pic you can see the polygonal roses, made up of 9216 triangles each. The new ones in red are now 126, and I might be able to reduce that further. The goal of the asset is to make something with low poly instanced geometry as a real time game asset. I've even cached and converted some particle positions to joints to 'rig' a cycle of billowing smoke. When the whole thing is done I'd like to make something to go over how I did each component.

Artistically: This is a concept for a 'demon of the woods'. I liked the idea of this corrupted being that died in the woods, poisoning it and drawing in the power of nature to sustain itself. Corrupting the area around it, or maybe cursed to have to protect and roam the wilderness from invaders to survive.

mastodon.art/media/90VVp2KSLkt mastodon.art/media/VmifqdLdYm0 mastodon.art/media/3mPeF2g9hpi

And here's some color palettes! You can combine these with the emoji meme too if you'd like.

Make sure to tag or mention me if you use them so I can see the cool art. ^.^

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