Currently drawing another #silhouette-style #fairytale chapter.

I actually cheated and skipped a more complicated chapter for this easier one - lots of stress and people to take care of these days, and I worried the #comics pages would otherwise peter out entirely…

#art #comix #creativetoot #drawing #makingcomics #mastoart #graphicnovels #pagepreview #penandink


@dirk It's looking beautiful! Way to manage your ability to make work.

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@matthewbogart Hey, I just found your comment, for some reason my instance or client didn't let me see this.
Still, a heart-felt thank you, four months in the making!
The chapter turned out quite well, and kept my spirits up.
Now that it's done, though, it's back to that earlier, tougher chapter, but by now I might be up to it! 😅

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