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Hi, I'm Tahanie
Here's some info about me

Arabic American🇰🇼
Neurodivergent 🧠
And illustrator!🎨🖌️

Here is a photo of me and some of my works. Thanks for looking!

Effects of ADHD and going to art school: graduating and spending the next year completely confused and unable to do/finish art because you went from being forced to get a ton of stuff done quickly to having all the time in the world and too much content to choose from.

See also- I can't focous on anything because I love everything. Please help me

How... Does a piece of wood go through a tire....?

How do you handle the holidays when you can't be with your family? I'm just becoming so sad and disenchanted with all of them. I used to love the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, xmas... But now I'm just hurting.

Gun, police 

Gun, police 

*In line for badges at Youmacon*

Random dude: what's this line for?

Me short circuiting: Line!

Dude: yes... But for what?

Me now frozen and unable to load words: ...........

💕Am snek
Am gonna hiss hiss
Am gonna kiss kiss
Cause snakes are nice little babies who just wanna cuddle up to something warm
Am baby snek 💕


Anyone here used to listen to L'Arc-en-Ciel? Cause Im at a concert and there's this band, Hyde.

.... I just found out its the lead singer of L'Arc-en-Ciel.

In Detroit, on a Wednesday, next to a bowling alley.

.... Can anyone share in this shocked/delighted confusion????

Life is chaos. Started my new job, trying to adjust. Redoing my kitchen. Painting my bathroom. Just chaos.

I'm so sore and everything hurts from last night. But in a good way🥰

Works gonna be rough

That show was amazing and I am so wreaked. Covered in beer, sweat and who knows what from the pit. Just ugh, I was so into it. ❤️ Had to get a shirt. ❤️

Tall people in front of me on a flat floor is my least favorite thing about concerts

Eye contact, cleavage 

Finally got to play D&D so I've spent the last few days developing characters! First off is the Aasmir Paladin in our group. I'll show my character next!

My rib popped out again and I've been wreaked because of it. I couldn't move or sleep because of the pain. :( Can't wait to go to the chiropractor today.

My butt and upper thighs are so sore from squats that I can barely walk please help 😭

Remember when my inktober was going to be themed? Me too. Too bad I forgot by like the second one haha

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