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[Watch out for strong language]

Seramael's not the only one at fault, here--Kouta's the one who finds this behavior charming

Also, I don't speak a lick of Japanese, but I did my best with those lyrics!✨

The song is this one, & it's a real bop:

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"I always want to fall in love, Darling!"

Some doodles of Kouta & his super strong, super hot, supernatural boyfriend, Seramael

[Watch out for cartoon butts]

Every time I draw this tattoo from this day forward, know that I'll be resizing & cutting up this picture, pasting it over my canvas, & tracing it

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Filomena Lubana (for the domination of men, enemies, or any insurmountable obstacle)

At long last--a real picture of my (proverbial) Faust & his (literal) Mephistopheles✨💀😈

me: Let's practice drawing quickly! For this exercise, I will knowingly select someone who likes pretty, elaborate textiles, like this won't change anything✨

(Real talk: I've been doodling & forgetting to post things here. I'll do better in the future, but for the time being, that just means I have a queue!✨)

[Minor blood] A laugh that haunts the war-time dreams of friends & foes alike

(Not belated, rather--I finished it on time, but forgot to post it here. Oops lmao😅)

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A belated Valentine's gift for my gf @Vuro ✨ One great tall lesbian & her much smaller gf (or, one iteration of them, at least)👭

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