Burgess likes brass instruments & hiding her True Self from her cool new friends👀

Someone please rescue Jackal from his bad roommate situation, he's just trying to be a good host

Don't worry, Burgess; Knives would NEVER stab Jackal

(These days)

(Now that he's good at defending himself from being stabbed... by Knives)

Jackal: Although we're very poor, I'm going to do what I can to help this woman who's just lost everything. Her life has changed very abruptly, & surely this is upsetting

Knives: I'll show you UPSETTING🗡️

Somehow... even further from home than originally anticipated. Or: "Doing work" on a car as cultural shorthand for "F--- you"😂

Haul away your rolling king
(Heave away, haul away)
Haul away, you'll hear me sing
(We're bound for South Australia)

A pair of snakes

One will very politely stab you in the soft part of your spinal column, & the other will just take your face clean off your skull

Both are wearing Gucci

Since I'm working on it anyway, I decided I'm working on my palate cleanser for Camp Nanowrimo. I told myself I'd do a quick place-holder cover--& this is what I did instead🤷

I really haven't drawn anything suitable to post for two whole months, huh.

Well, here's a half-finished picture of Kouta I'm not coming back to (I got tired working on the pattern for his jacket😂)

People were talking about their favorite ship dynamics. My undisputed favorite is the lord/retainer kind of relationship--so here's a kingpin & his faithful underboss

I haven't been around these parts in a while, but here's more costume design, in the meantime

I drew some little comics a while ago about the Cavarel siblings, but I probably won't ever finish them because they're out of sequence; these panels are cute tho

A collection of people, united only by their affection for floral patterns & fragrances (If they were ever to meet, none of them would get along with any of the others)

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