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My name is Elliot! I'm working on a VN about Faustian pacts, the transience of life, & a passion for learning, set in 19th century Paris--as well as other things!✨


Emotionally vulnerable on main, gross

This is my One (1) Obligatory Personal Art Piece, because it's a conversation I have with myself, like... weekly, lmao

I think this is how I get away with drawing something I want to draw RIGHT NOW, but don't want to FINISH, because it won't make sense out of context, lmao😂

A "sketch," allegedly

Apparently my MO is completely lining multi-page comics, but NOT with my lineart brush, & then calling it a “sketch”......

(Page 3 of a ""sketch"" for a short comic about the moment of falling in love)

I'm considering giving Mephisto a unique outfit every time he appears

which is appealing, mostly because I'm not responsible for drawing that right now😂

I'm obviously not always happy with how things turn out, but 🤷 who cares, I made something that didn't exist before--isn't that cool??

TESTIMONIAL: I'm a SUPER anxious person, so being confident about literally anything doesn't come naturally to me. I was reluctant to even call myself artist or what I did art--but when I stopped talking badly about my own work, I started feeling more confident about what I was producing

Being an creative person can be hard, because no matter how much you make stuff for yourself, you're also always kind of after that external validation, esp if you share your work online--it's easy to feel discouraged just throwing your work into the void & getting no response, while following & being surrounded by all these artistic marvels

But if you aren't going to believe in your work, who will?

when I stopped apologizing for it. The simple act of treating my art like it was worth something--or at least not treating it like it WASN'T worth anything--changed absolutely everything

There's still a lot more I can learn, but I'm proud of my work & happy with what I produce✨

[Watch out for strong language]

Seramael is a Very Strong Person (I fell back into the Seramael/Kouta doodle pit again....)

Last year, I started a big collection of thumbnails for FAUST--but the story's changed so much that I had to start over💀

Me @ 14: I'm going to do nothing but put song lyrics over really emo pictures of my OCs
Me @ 26: lol same i guess

[Watch out for strong language]

Seramael's not the only one at fault, here--Kouta's the one who finds this behavior charming

Also, I don't speak a lick of Japanese, but I did my best with those lyrics!✨

The song is this one, & it's a real bop:

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