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My name is Elliot! I'm working on a VN about Faustian pacts, the transience of life, & a passion for learning, set in 19th century Paris--as well as other things!✨


A pair of snakes

One will very politely stab you in the soft part of your spinal column, & the other will just take your face clean off your skull

Both are wearing Gucci

Since I'm working on it anyway, I decided I'm working on my palate cleanser for Camp Nanowrimo. I told myself I'd do a quick place-holder cover--& this is what I did instead🤷

Sometimes you're just living your life... & then you're forced to confront the horror that you've divvied up & siphoned off all the significant aspects of your personality onto two specific OCs, without ever realizing it......o(-(

I really haven't drawn anything suitable to post for two whole months, huh.

Well, here's a half-finished picture of Kouta I'm not coming back to (I got tired working on the pattern for his jacket😂)

This is a difficult relationship to represent in a single illustration, but tbh I do think this is the PERFECT way to describe it (Convenient, because it was also very easy to draw😜)

People were talking about their favorite ship dynamics. My undisputed favorite is the lord/retainer kind of relationship--so here's a kingpin & his faithful underboss

My lunch break was WELL OVER, but I was so determined to post my drawing & in such a rush that I forgot to tag it with anything😂 I'll toot it again later, this time feat. tags✨

I haven't been around these parts in a while, but here's more costume design, in the meantime

I drew some little comics a while ago about the Cavarel siblings, but I probably won't ever finish them because they're out of sequence; these panels are cute tho

A collection of people, united only by their affection for floral patterns & fragrances (If they were ever to meet, none of them would get along with any of the others)

Emotionally vulnerable on main, gross

This is my One (1) Obligatory Personal Art Piece, because it's a conversation I have with myself, like... weekly, lmao

I think this is how I get away with drawing something I want to draw RIGHT NOW, but don't want to FINISH, because it won't make sense out of context, lmao😂

A "sketch," allegedly

Apparently my MO is completely lining multi-page comics, but NOT with my lineart brush, & then calling it a “sketch”......

(Page 3 of a ""sketch"" for a short comic about the moment of falling in love)

I'm considering giving Mephisto a unique outfit every time he appears

which is appealing, mostly because I'm not responsible for drawing that right now😂

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