i'll also do my best TO check for typos before i post lol

i will do my best do be more active here! here's a recent drawing 😊✨

i completely forgot about mastodon :((((( TOOT!

one of the first things i made on my ipad pro about a year ago!
having an ipad and apple pencil made things so much easier for me and my illness and disabilities.
on days i am bed bound i can still lay down and draw easily without any limitations or pain.
drawing traditionally in bed is not convenient and putting pressure on the pencil and eraser hurts my joints. drawing in procreate fixed that for me.
plus, most days i can't sit behind my desk longer than 1h because of my muscles cramping up.


hi, i'm marie. i'm not so good at introductions and i'm still trying to understand mastodon but i love drawing and cats!

i'm also on twitter and instagram, both as @marmushka! ☁️✨🌹
mastodon.art/media/BgLSfgI8olJ mastodon.art/media/EH0uuqANZOG mastodon.art/media/OehQp7ibggK mastodon.art/media/rPOeb-Q-B8d


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