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Here's a new image. It's a coloured version of chibi-Anna. :)
I like how the colors tuned out, although it just are the same colors as for her game sprite. πŸ˜… I just did not expect them to work good in the chibi-version as well.

A new image, done with ink and copics.
Actually it's two images, but it's the same char.
Might add more colour πŸ€” 🎨 .
Drawing by hand is dangerous, because it's easy to mess up the image. πŸ™€

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You wake up in a fantasy universe, but you don't speak the language. You go on to fulfill the prophecy, unable to understand a thing anyone is saying to you.
#writingprompts #writing

I haven't been very active on Mastodon lately, because I began drawing more. πŸ–‹ πŸ™‚ 🎨
I hope to upload some nice images in a while.

I just finished the first motivational motive.
It , so others can make use of it as well. Format is A5 so you have to shrink it down to A6 to print on a postcard.

Please let me know what you think of it, what to improve and if you'd use it. πŸ™‚

Licence: :cczero:

Today's image shows my Satoe before a fight. (Spoiler: She wears the googles when fighting seriously.)

This sketch was made with a pencil and sketchbook. Actually, the book is now full.I drew it on one of the last pages. ✏️

Last weekend I finished a demo for the OHR ONE ROOM CONTEST 2018. πŸ˜€
If you like to take a look, look here:
Be warned, though, it is it's just a very basic demo and very, very incomplete and buggy. 🐞 The scripting for the map, to hide the rooms took a lot of time, more than expected, so I had to cut short on the plot and environment design. More time would have been nice, in the end I stayed up very late just to finish the demo and upload it. 😴

I also got a review for the game, saying the player is courious how the plot goes on! I'm very happy about someone saying this. 😊


It's been a while since I uploaded a image here.
I drew a sketch of an of mine. She's a light magic user and works doing charity for the local temple.

I'd like to get back to posting images every day - if only I had more time to draw. πŸ˜…

I just uploaded it to OGA, so I might upload some here as well.
She was meant to be an NPC or player character for a pen and paper game I never played.

Licence :cczero:

made with 🎨

I wanted to draw images of the characters of my game, but I'm behind scedule again today. πŸ˜…

So instead here's another . This time the gun is used less creatively so to say.
I will try to implement other foes like maybe mould and maybe some robots.

Today's image: The rat that stole the key card chip. I very happy how the image turned out! πŸ™‚
And also there is a screenshot from my unfinbishe game where the player spots the tiny rat with the key. You can still see the NPCs in other areas, later in game they will be covered by the overhead wall tiles.
I still need to fix lots of buggy doors and implement the most of the story. 🐌 Time's getting short. Might finish the game behind scedule, maybe? πŸ˜…

What are your art plans? Anything you plan to draw, write make or develop or otherwise produce creativly? πŸ™‚
Let's share ideas and motivation. πŸ˜€

Today I drew ugly air locks. I still need to figure out how to animate them opening bwfore the player passes through. πŸ€”
Also I dew a rat with a card to unlock these airlocks. Getting the card will be one of the earliest quests.

Anyone knows where I can find information on how much usually cost? πŸ€”

Drawings seems to be between 25/30 $ from heads up to 75 $ for full body drawings, as far as I've seen from descriptions of open commisions on mastodon.

Remember the astronaut from a few days back?
This is the player character without space suit.
I hope this image can represent a male and female char both, since I am lazy and don't want to redraw it.
I added a script that changes the player's sprite to wearing a space suit, if all items (helmwt, suit, gloves and boots) are equipped, if not the sprite will look like this. Later, I'll also make sure that the player can not explore all areas without a space suit.

Today's image is a animated gif from screen shots from the game I've been working on this weekend.
Due to incorrect attack and weapon settings this scene happend:


Today's image: A screenshot from my newest game project.

It does not even have a name yet. πŸ€”
You can see the player charater and a box in a spacestation. This is still very unfinished, I've just begun makin the map. I still need to decorate the floors to make it look more like a space station somehow.

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