Last I created some art based on this "Vampire: The Masquerade" official prompt list. I love vampires and I love this game, so I've kept working on some more illustrations. I'm starting this thread to share all of them 🖤
El del año pasado hice algunas ilustraciones basándome en la prompt list oficial de "Vampiro: La Mascarada". Como me encantan los vampiros y adoro este juego, he seguido trabajando en más ilustraciones. Inauguro este hilo para compartirlas todas 🖤

: Your OC

My original character, Dorcas. She/they is toreador, has a dark indie band named Gladio and slight problems with her hunger. Nonbinary and bi/pan.
Mi personaje, Dorcas. Es toreador, tiene un grupo de música dark indie llamado Gladio y ligeros problemas con su ansia. Género nobinario (ella/elle) y bisexual/pansexual.


La Lore is the other half of Gladio, Dorcas' best friend and her ghoul by choice. He dyes his hair green, blue or pink. His gender expression is fluid, and he's gay as hell.
La Lore es la otra mitad de Gladio, el mejor amigo de Dorcas y su ghoul por decisión propia. Suele llevar el pelo verde, azul o rosa. Su expresión de género es fluida, aunque sus pronombres son "'maricón', cari".

There are two more versions, one with Dorcas wearing vinyl and the other with both of them nude. And yes, the last version shows no tattoos, they cover a lot of skin and I’m still designing them ✨
Hay dos versiones más, una con Dorcas llevando vinilo y otra en la que ambes están desnudes. Y sí, no hay tatuajes en la última, cubren un montón de piel y aún están en proceso de diseño ✨

I have a strong connection with music, while I work and in my whole life. Gladio is my dream band and, because of that, I created a Spotify list which gathers the kind of songs Gladio would compose and play. If you are interested, here's the link:

Among them, this was the song that sounded while I drew this, one of my favourites and the one who best embodies the mood:


Tengo una conexión muy fuerte con la música, mientras trabajo y en mi vida en general. Gladio es el grupo que me gustaría tener, y por eso creé una lista de Spotify que reuniese el tipo de canciones que Gladio compondría y tocaría. Si os interesa, aquí está el enlace:

Entre ellas, esta es la canción que sonaba mientras dibujaba esto, una de mis favoritas y la que mejor encarna la intención y el ambiente:

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Lucas Ramada and his female falcon and famulus, Pallas.

Part of Dorcas' coterie and a fashion designer, he's very tall and sinewy, and he can turn into a harpy eagle or a cat. He is proudly bi/pansexual, and has very chill, kind, zero-threatening masculinity. With the full moon, Lucas and Dorcas run away to the forest to connect with the Beast and sleep sheltered by the soil.

I'm posting also this face study I made using a photo reference before I drew the previous illustration. I must say I really love his face here, I didn't manage to apply it to the finished illustration quite as well as I would have wanted to, mmm.


Elena de Diego is Dorcas’ sire. Embraced in 1309 when she was 21, Elena was a noble poet, singer and nun. Elderly and ambitious, she has recently been crowned Queen of Iberia alongside her girlfriend Elvira Santa Cruz after dethroning Elvira’s sister – Elena and Elvira’s love story really deserves a post of its own, from enemies to lovers and vice versa for centuries.


The Embrace is the act of turning a mortal into a vampire by drinking all their blood and feeding them blood from the vampire’s vein.

So here is my Dorcas with their beloved Sire, Elena de Diego.
El Abrazo es el acto de convertir en vampiro a un mortal, bebiendo toda su sangre y alimentándolo con la sangre del vampiro.

Así que aquí está mi Dorcas con su adorada sire, Elena de Diego.

I have decided that, from now on, I'm posting on this thread every illustration or sketch that has anything to do with "Vampire: The Masquerade", my vampire OCs and other related characters, and not only those things drawn for drawtober challenges. This way, all illustrations and info regarding this theme are together and way easier to find! 🖤

He decidido que, a partir de ahora, voy a publicar en este hilo cualquier ilustración o apunte que tenga que ver con "Vampiro: La Mascarada" y los personajes de mis partidas, y no solo aquellas cosas dibujadas para retos de drawtober. De este modo, todas las ilustraciones e info relacionadas con este tema estarán juntas y serán mucho más fáciles de encontrar y de seguir 🖤

[Marked as sensitive because eye contact and the word "hoe" on a jewel]

Some toots ago I introduced you to La Lore, but that's not the first illustration I made of him. This one is, and here you've got him in all his sassy glory. I love this sexy thing with all my little queer heart.

It's one of the first things I made using Clip Studio Paint. Not very convinced with the techniques, but we'll get there.

[Marcado como sensible por contacto visual y la palabra "hoe" en un collar]

Ya os presenté a La Lore, pero de hecho esa no era la primera ilustración que hice de él. Esta sí lo es, y aquí podéis apreciarle en toda su gloria. Porque lo amo con todo mi corazoncito queer.

También es una de las primeras cosas que hice con Clip Studio Paint. No muy convencida con el resultado, pero ya lo iremos mejorando.

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