It's no longer so I can use color again. Here's a sketch of the creek near our house.

Our solar oven, used to roast the sweet potato which was illustrated yesterday.

A massive sweet potato from this week's CSA box from the campus student farm. (27 cm long, 1.7 kg).

@jlbee It looks like the latest version Adobe Camera Raw supports CR3 files. ACR runs on Linux under Wine, or at least it did the last time I tried it. So you could convert the files to .DNG files and open these in . Definitely an annoying workaround, but it might be what one has to do until there's open source CR3 support.

Walnut. The English walnut tree near our house is producing lots of walnuts now - we need to harvest some.

@laraby @masklayer @kemonine Do you use the 2 and the 4 much? I'm thinking about the Gobe sets.

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