It's , so here's another drawing from my series of sketches of Diego Cat. Drawn with a calligraphy brush and Higgins Eternal ink.

I've been doing an extended series of drawings of my black kitty Diego, and have lately been using a calligraphy brush with Higgins Eternal ink. The calligraphy brush is wonderfully expressive , though a tool with a long learning curve. Here's a recent drawing.

Antique farm mechanics collection, University of California, Davis.

M45 - The Pleiades. Some more . I took this with my 70mm aperture refractor; this is a stacked set of 39 60" exposures. Processed with and .

Conjunction of Jupiter and Mars on 7 Jan 2018 at 1629 UTC. I got up before dawn today to take some . There was a halo around the moon at the time, and it quickly clouded over completely. Lots of rain expected tomorrow.

M33 - the Triangulum Galaxy. I am now on an kick, and have hauled out my small equatorial mount accordingly. Camera is a Panasonic GX85 with a 40-150mm telephoto lens set at 150mm and f/5.6. This is a stacked set of 30 60" exposures processed in and .

It's been very windy today which frustrated my plans to go sketching in the morning. By the late afternoon I had to get out to do a sketch despite it still being breezy. Here's a view of our creek and the fields to the south.

Missed my train connection coming home but this gave me time and I had art materials to do a couple of sketches while waiting for the next one .

In general there are two ways to do drawings. Draw in ink first, and paint over that, or paint in first, and add ink linework after that. I usually do the former, but I did these sketches with the latter approach. I want to try more this way.

Two photos from the garden this afternoon. Lovely to see the hummingbird sage (Salvia spathacea) coming into bloom.

Not so many pomegranates left any more; it's a treat to have them around.

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