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Ok, here's my serious 😀
I'm Mao, and I'm a Graphic Designer/ Illustrator / Video Game Artist/ and Art Director at BAM! Studios CO.

I spend most of my time drawing cool projects that take too long to show, so in my free time I sketch goofs and memes to post on social media. (which you can find searching for "maodraws" over at: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Artstation, Twitter and more!)

"After all this time?" - "Always".
So, I've been listening to the Harry Potter audio books at the office, because it had been a very long time since I read the original books, and holy crap, are they awesome! Happy Valentine's day :D

This here’s a thumbnail exercise we did on Friday at the “Draw with me Fridays with @oabnormal “. The topic was “Metal Factory” and we had an hour to make as many thumbnails as we could, and then had to chose one and work on it, and this is the result of that!
Remember that anyone that likes to draw, can join and draw with us every Friday on O’s channel at 2pm -6pm (-5 GMT).

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We have a new schedule for Draw-with-me-Friday over on the Twitch channel,

Come join us and draw with me!

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Que sepa el mundo que en marcha estoy, que me gusta
cada instante aqui, con el sol mas brillante mis pasos
doy, no se aparta la risa de mi... 🎵🎵🎵❤️❤️

This here is Fangs, a character I’ve been working on for a while. She’s a half vampire, and part of a new story I’m writing at the moment. Hope you like her as much as I do!

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"Raz" (Psychonauts)

Starting the year off with some fan art, Psychonauts is one of my favorite games of all time. Maybe, if I have some time (some day), I'll also draw Milla Vodello.

Anyway, as always, if you'd like a large version of this image, check out my Patreon at

Drawing challenge for the Abnormal-growth group at @oabnormal s discord!!
This week we had the assignment to draw an "Indian Dancer" 😍
Hope you like this drawing as much as I do :)

Today's is a very special character of mine. She's gonna be part of something big very soon! 😊
Let's make some history together!

Today's drawing is inspired by H3H3 Hila Klein's clothing brand Tteddy Fresh !
I absolutely love the colors they use in all of their stuff!! So here's a little fan art :D

Horns and burgers!! My two favorite things to draw! I feel like I should eat less burgers, but... They're so delicious!!! 🍔🍔🍔 Today's was super fun to draw! Can't wait for tomorrow :)

Here's my first entry for the challenge! It sounded like a fun idea, so I'm looking forward to what comes next this week!

So last week I made the beast boy fan art (on the right) which was a one hour challenge, and when I finished it, I remembered I had already made a similar image 3 years ago when I was just learning digital art. I think it's cool to see them side by side to look how much progress has been made.

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Just a bit of unsolicited advice:

If you're an artist, SHOW YOUR WORK! Have a portfolio online, a place where your stuff can be seen! And make it easy to find! Don't make potential employers have to dig for your art.

You'd be amazed how many job opportunities are lost simply because the aspiring artist didn't have any sort of portfolio or anything of the sort. If your galleries are private, HOW WILL WE SEE THEM? And then, when we can finally access one, the galleries are littered with images that aren't relevant (or aren't even theirs) and simply no way to show what you can do.


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Woo! This is exciting (:

I'm Sabrina (or I can go by Flori) and I'm an illustrator/animator from the US. I'm a recent graduate, so I'm on the job hunt right now and open for commissions!

I feel my style can span the range from more stylized cartoon-like shtuff, to more painted and detailed. I personally feel I haven't quite found my thing, but I am enjoying where I'm at in the meantime (:



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Hi there. I am K.L. Ryan, AKA Redrock. I am a writer and artist from Kansas who aspires to be a published author one day. I am currently working on my first book, "Razorwing's Ballad". A lot of the art you will see with me features characters from this book. Aside from drawing/writing, I love cats, Japanese RPGs, and power metal.

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Oh, introduction?

The Basics:
Well then, I'm O. Freelance fantasy/scifi artist, teacher, Twitch streamer and bald, sexy biker.

I work live on Twitch every weekend, and think it's exciting to find a new social media platform that seems to have a true focus on artists and art.

Something about me:
I can't burp, swim or take a good photo.

Where to find me:
Just search "oabnormal"! I'll be there.