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Hey!! My name is Manda [s/t]! I like drawing characters, portraits, flowers and starting comics but hardly ever finishing them πŸ˜‚ I work with pencil, pen, copic, watercolor, acrylic (not so much lately), and Photoshop.

You can find my art-only tumblr at if you wanna see older stuff, but I'm gonna try to post all my new stuff here for you! I've already seen so much cool new stuff I'm so excited!!!

whaddup late night mastodon, here is my first [and probably only] inktober sketch - coloring it, too! do stages of work count as daily progress? πŸ˜‚

I haven't forgot about you, mastodon, just haven't been drawing until recently!!

Here's an i'm working on, an enby named Jirah who's very serious, methodical and solitary. I took a Myers-Briggs test on their behalf and they're INTJ 😜

i've been really busy with stuff but i wanted to draw, so here's me in some of my outfits 😜 ✨

finally finished this commission for a friend of Lucia from 3 ☺️ ✨

did a bunch of these like 5 years ago, a friend wanted one recently so boom done

hi friends

been feeling really down about my work even though i've technically been working a lot more than usual, so i'm gonna try to start sharing sketches a lot more frequently while i work on more final pieces

i always have sketches

assorted concept art for a personal project

after 3 days of it not working, we fixed my cintiq 😭 πŸ‘Œ ✨

i celebrated by coloring some concept sketches, which is all i wanted to do in the first place!!!! i'm so glad it's working again

i really want to post a wip of this commission but i should probably just... finish it πŸ˜‚

workin on a character sheet and i love this sketch

gotta cover it with a beard tho so i thought i'd share before i did that lol

comicing a friend's story with him πŸ™Š ✨

we'll see if this goes anywhere, i really want it to


testing some pens from christmas

there is 0 good lighting in my apartment and the book is too big for the scanner sorry lol

I'm struggling today. Read some good drawing advice last night that I feel like I've read a hundred times, but for whatever reason, this time it stuck. Although being humbled and introspecting are things I find incredibly important, this has shifted my mindset from cautiously optimistic to "oh my god I have so much work to do before I get to where I want to be, I'm so intimidated, I don't know if it's worth it."

I've been [slowly] working really hard on this comic, which is already making me feel very vulnerable because of its content, so having that extra layer of feeling like I can't do it is... tough.

But I'm gonna try!! I'm gonna try to keep any negativity to the paragraphs above and move forward. I don't know how but I will try!!! ✨

(image is a piece of that comic, the panel I was in the middle of when my mindset shifted...)

I made our Save the Date notices this weekend, here's the backdrop painting ✨ + probably the image that's going to be on our website

My favorite game of all time is Harvest Moon, and my fiance proposed with a blue feather for real.... I still can't even believe it 😍 it was perfect. So all my print material and notices - Save the Date, invitation, website, programs - are gonna be based on the Harvest Moon: Back To Nature official artwork!!

I'm very excited if you can't tell lol

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