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Todays theme is fur- unfortunately i'm not used to drawing that either but I followed another artists design and am proud to get a similar result

Todays challenge is: Mask
I am in love with traditional craftsmanship of masks used for theater! This lineart is showing one such rabbit mask with intricate patterns on it's ear and cheeks. Maybe I can finish this one in color in the next few days.

Sorry for the delay. This topic was quite challenging: Bioluminescence!
I researched a bit and found actual glowing Mushrooms! Their scientific name is Neonothopanus gardneri.
You can read all about them here:
Thank you @gehtsiegarnixan for the photoshop help.

A similar topic to the one a week ago: Plant!
I tried different layer and brush combinations for the shadows. I hope you like it =)

Todays Theme is Battle! I immediately thought about this tragic scene from the first Pokemon movie where Clone-pikachu battles the real Pikachu.

Today's Theme of the day is a valuable commodity: Toilet paper! Enjoy folks =P

The theme today was "Alebrijes" but I'm still struggling with digital pattern design. But better a lineart than nothing.

Todays theme was a challenging one: Water !
But it's a good chance to practise something I am not used to

I am a bit late today. Here is my work in progress: Raspberries for the topic "Food"

Trying to improve my digital painiting skills with my friends
using a daily challenge with a given teme.
Wish me luck!
Here is my sbmission for "Hope"

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Meeting your dragon. I still need to learn how to properly use oil paints but I'm working on it☺️ 🐉

One of my older drawings- maybe this can motivate me to start posting new stuff


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