Spheal and Umbreon appear!
Both are a gift to my dear friend @Vhalesa .

If you are interested in the patterns I used, I'll link them below.

Bulbasaur multiplied !
I decided to give both hand drawn eyes using a rubber mat as a base.
We'll see if this approach works with umbreon, but I don't have black paint for its pupils.

Still I am very happy with this result - which bulbasaur do you like most?

I'm in love with aphid777 amigurumi crochet pattern. They turn out so well even when you're a beginner. I'm still a bit afraid to tackle bulbasaurs and this ones lack of eyes though.

Update- bulbasaur has cute little ears now- unfortunately i don't have the tools or skills to give him needlefelt eyes, so maybe felt cutouts will work too?

Snuggles found a sweet new home and his owner adores him. Meanwhile I've been working on this little fella.
The pattern belongs to aphid777 - please read her FAQ if you want to use it:

Unfortunately I don't have any needle felting tools to do the eyes- does anybody know a good alternative?

It's time for another project! Snuggles the penguin with his adorable scarf. The pattern I used is from :

I recommend her tutorials for any beginners since the plushies are very cute while the general difficulty level is low.
If you want to use the pattern please read the owners FAQ allaboutami.com/faq/

I tried a new hobby- crocheting. It's really fun and here's one of my creations- a mask holder. Very necessary in these Corona days =)

Today I'll be showing you a past drawing challenge theme which I recently picked up again. It's Hybrids.
I did use some photoshop stock images to come up with this image.
You can find the original at: pxleyes.com/photoshop-picture/

Today's another referenced drawing of plants. This flower was intended to be a magnolia bud but seems to be resembling a hibiscus flower to everyone else 😅 welp

Today another try with watercolors. Those particular leaves should have been basil but I guess real basil has a more round shape. I tried to go all out and fill the available space with water and let the different shades of colors bleed into each other.

Today's another bird from the John Muir Laws website but this time I tried to draw reference from the finished piece instead of blindly following the intructions. Also First time I tried using much more water instead of mixing only highly pigmented colors and applying them cautiosly. I guess so far I never quite used watercolors as intended because I was quite afraid of getting a grey or brown color mix.

Todays artwork is a simple palm leaf. I tried enchancing the photograph of the finished piece with photoshop to see if I could remove any stains I made on the paper and make the colors more similar to what is seen in real life on paper. I'm always glad to hear any constructive comments from you guys =).

My next work: my try to paint a Lazuli Bunting. I used the amazing tutorial by John Muir Laws which you can find here: johnmuirlaws.com/lazuli-buntin

One of my first watercolor paintings with my new equipment. what do you think? Does this style suit me? I'm happy about any feedback.

I initially set this site up to publish my digital drawings - I hoped that by posting regularly I would have more motivation to keep up... But there have been personal events that held me up...
But since my past birthday some of my friends like @Vhalesa gifted me some amazing water color brushes and colors. Which is why I decided to open my channel up to any art I produce. My favoured themes are still animals and plants so I hope it's not too jarring of a change. Here are my new tools!❤️

It's a cat- it's a warrior: it's a palico!
Theme this time was hero/warriorcat. Since I started playing Monster Hunter World I immediately got reminded about this feline helper when I first heard the theme. The composition is not my creation and can be found (with other cute outfits) at capcom.co.jp/game/content/mhb/
I'll see if I can color this one in the next days

Here is the colored version of the gemini birds. I'm very excited how they turned out. These are my first attempts on blurred backgrounds, filters as well as color choice.

Here is my take on zodiac signs. I am a gemini which is why I chose those two cuties. This time the lineart is multicolored with hues of blue but I am also working on a colored version which I will hopefully finish in the next few days. What do you guys think?

Todays theme is fur- unfortunately i'm not used to drawing that either but I followed another artists design and am proud to get a similar result

Todays challenge is: Mask
I am in love with traditional craftsmanship of masks used for theater! This lineart is showing one such rabbit mask with intricate patterns on it's ear and cheeks. Maybe I can finish this one in color in the next few days.

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