"only one session every fortnight," I said.
"i'll never be able to keep up with more than that," I said.

got through DMing an rp session, the next day i had already wrote up three more pages of planning for the next one and up to five pages today.

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‪Hello spring! 🌱 Opened my store again with some new stock — pouches, clear tape, card wallets and pillowcases 🌿🌸 Boosts greatly appreciated, thank you so much! hellotoday.coffee

I used a random recipe generator and tried to guess what the food would look like... with mixed results.
Generator: jamesoff.net/fun/random-recipe

my old surface pro went to heck and i finallyyyyyyyyy got a new one! here are some celebratory dances

I know my DM is a good one because she gave me an excuse to put my characters in fancy outfits

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Apartment buildings for a new campaign my partner @mainstay is GMing! She designed the building and I couldn't help but draw it.

Took a couple of stock photos and replaced the people in them with randomly generated faces/clothes/colours.


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