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omg i miscalculated how many weeks of uni holidays i have, i thought i had 5 weeks total but was more like 7 weeks? idk how much time has passed already. what is time, anyway. i have 5 weeks left *now* so i'm way less stressed

i wish that long text posts got a "see more" button after 1 paragraph. i might CW my long posts cos it seems a bit intrusive on the TL. and i write long posts a lot

i don't do well on shit sleep so i need to let my body decide what good sleep is lol

anyway, i'm working my butt off to do what i can *now* so i get 1 week free of all of this before the semester starts. it's looking like so far that might work out

got friends to help me w donating clothes/recycling e-waste stuff soon! i have a carload of stuff & i don't drive 😫 it makes cleaning lounge so hard we got no garage

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i'm trying really hard to get all my cleaning & organizing chores + commission catching up done by the end of the week so I can hyperfixate on catching up study cos hooooo boy do i need it 😬😬😬 so far i'm doing okay despite sleep problems

i basically just let my sleep do what it wants and not worry too much and do what I can when I can. worrying about that just makes me more stressed and chores avoidant

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finally the fog of last semester has lifted!! now i'm in a fog from a lack of a sleep pattern. gotta love ADHD brain

looking thru old stuff & found an ancient ugly !!!VERY TEST!!! print to prep for finishing the world guide

I always forget I got this close to finishing it before uni kicked my ass 😭

my project tag:

the first thing I'll launch into action on when I graduate is this book

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the last picture is a poem, the english version is on the page before it which I haven't photographed (maybe later I am Tired & have chores to do ree)

it took SO LONG Y'ALL. I wrote the poem in english, went through the dictionary i made for that language and had to find the closest approximation words. I then wrote them in latin letters, then had to transcribe them to their lettering system 😂😂😂

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looking thru old stuff & found an ancient ugly !!!VERY TEST!!! print to prep for finishing the world guide

I always forget I got this close to finishing it before uni kicked my ass 😭

my project tag:

made a thread about my 'sona + his creation story last night. everything is CW'd appropriately + captioned.

I'm on the asexual spectrum so nothing in there is Sex Related (which is why I don't care abt ppl seeing me in underwear, it's just, a body, we all got one)

a furby holding a knife (objectively terrifying) & BDSM quiz results but no mention of sex (i'm mostly asexual) 

our personality similarities aren't even hyperbole. I made a meme out of my BDSM test results. I'm mostly asexual I just love abuse as banter 😂 you know there's trust when there's 0 taking any of it personally

the sadism part is hard to describe - it's always when we're both engaging in it @ eachother, in any form

basically my sexuality, gender & personality is alucard hellsing lmao

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cartoon gore & blood, imitation bulls skull 

bonus featuring his old design lmao. it doesn't show the grin we share but it certainly shows our personalities

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a photo of a mould of a human mouth missing a molar 

It's hard to see my teeth in that photo but here's a mould of them (I am missing molars, but the broken parts are just it falling apart there.) I accidentally mimicked my own mouth. i am so proud of my monster teef. I got offered bracers a few times by dentists and I was like gET FUCKED LOSER

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I don't like being in water for long tho. it'd be more fun as a botched merman than a flesh creature that gets pruny

I would 100% change form to his forever aside from the eye thing because eye injury is the one thing i am terrified of as an artist

I was 14 when I made him (equally as gorey & covered in blood lmao) & his name was gabriel. my whole life ppl said this character is literally you & i was like haha no then i realized I'm trans and changed my name to, gabriel. we all knew but DENIAL

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a character with blood on him & a missing eye & me in underwear + binder but nothing lewd 

a friend did the sona vs owner thing so i am Required By Law to also.

we both really hate clothes!!

character lore incoming in replies bc it's very important to me how he came about

(pls do not hit on me thanks nudity isn't sexual to me that's why i don't care about sharing this)

my most unhinged art is during lectures, i almost miss having to go into uni to go to them just for the amusement of having a visual diary of my Big Mood for the day

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for reference to those not in IT, this is the kind of diagram I'm talking about (it's called the TCP three way handshake). i loved this unit but i was gonna go postal if i had to see another one of these mfkers

image is cisco's dont sue me thnx

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found old lecture notes in my quest for revision material and hooo boy was i sick of hearing about exit interfaces in static ip routing. i mean apparently

i'm 90% sure the bottom left scribbling is me angrily drawing a SYN-ACK diagram over and over again on top of the last one

uhhhh what, firefox on linux doesn't have comic sans but does have opendyslexic. linux to the rescue once again. i mean apparently

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