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a computer: *stores an object*
a brain: *non-committal squiggly hand gesture* yeah close enough

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the very false "the brain is like a computer" claim is interesting & amusing to me. because we're trying to make computers like the brain. but the brain is bad at computer tasks, which is why we're trying to rely on AI. which is bad at human tasks, which is why the idea of full automation is bad. which is wh

(they don't store anything as in, it's all electrical signal patterns. there is no object that gets stored anywhere. our brains are not like a computer)

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for this unit my group mates are happy for us to do visual memory as our assignment topic. i'm curious about it. because our brains don't store anything. at what point does an images complexity make us incapable of drawing it perfectly? does photographic memory *really* exist? lets find out

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basically it was to demonstrate how our brains are bad at judging the relative size of something when it gets very large. because it doesn't have to be good at this.

our brains are like. yep. that's a big square. how big? who cares man. too big to accidentally run into

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in my neuroscience laboratory i got showed seven different sized squares over and over about 70 times in a random sequence and i had to guess the size relative to the control cübe(sqüare) they show me first. im still so tired. intense activity, as it turns out

2 hour study of a WoW classic screenshot I took in darkshore. still struggling to beat my perfectionism but a time limit forces me to make something i'm going to hate (the goal is to be fine with that)

the ref, which really shows how bad i am at perspective lmao. i do so few studies so i forget to lay out a grid for those too >.<

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2 hour study of a WoW classic screenshot I took in darkshore. still struggling to beat my perfectionism but a time limit forces me to make something i'm going to hate (the goal is to be fine with that)

i did this exercise to learn things and be good at speedpainting w/o freaking out abt quality and Still i'm like I Need To Spend More Time On It

(to be fair, it'll help me more if i do - trees are hard for me, as is this fkn bridge perspective, but lol)

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52 mins,, wanted to do 2 hours but i struggle to spend more than an hour in one sitting on an artwork thats primarily reference based bc its mentally exhausting for me

so!!!!!!!!!!!!!! break. then I'll do more. idk figured it'd be cool showing the halfway point

i have a tonne of WoW classic screenshots i made all arty so i could paint them later. lrt reminded me of that. i should do that. and studies in general :/ i keep forgetting, then i'm like ooo shiny new idea, and chase that instead. but my art suffers from lack of studies !!!!

thank god one of my three units this semester is prac based cos the networking one has like 5 exams also there's cisco's official tests etc to tend to

and my neurosci unit is like. 2-3 hrs of lectures & a lot of reading per week

3d character art is like...i m,eake monstr

still in concepting phases but imagine....a small pony sized horse-ibis-bat scaling trees like a gecko and GLIDING AROUND

gonna 3D model some variation of this one for my character subject this semester

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again tho, once those 3 months are over!!!! providing i pass everything (i haven't failed a subject yet, so statistically it seems Likely) i'll graduate. god i cannot wait to be rid of academia. reEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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i'm doing a 3d character subject, but the majority of my work is neuroscience or cybersecurity, and i will be drowning in course workload. so art will show up but my interactions will decrease heaps (they already had bc i was prepping for uni)

so, might be sorta MIA for 3 months 😭

i miss u all

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