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i'm the kind of person who'll be having a bad day then i'll see a seagull just standing around with the emptiest expression on its face and then it'll compress its neck and charge at something and everything is ok again

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i am extremely good at shitposting because i am incapable of thinking linearly and the joke format of normal sentence -> HOW DID WE ARRIVE HERE?? is natural for me because it's how my ADHD works, and i just have a childlike joy about every small thing

i'll be thinking about leeches and my brain immediately goes "leeches are just wireless magnetic chargers" cos i looked at one at the same time 😂

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i've given up so bad on twitter that my account is just 90% flagrant shitposting now, it's the only way the platform is usable tbh. it's very funny bc my personality shocks people if they only knew me from my art because it's Bleak but i'm just like....constantly upbeat and all of my humour is incredibly absurdist and sardonic

i cannot accurately describe the intensity of relief i will feel when this semester is over though. university has occupied a massive part of my brain & bad health for 5 years. i'll finally have the brain space to think about my projects again

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the only time my art brain and technical brain are active at once is worldbuilding. otherwise i tend to be in one mode or the other, which means i neglect art spaces when i have a lot of tech study i need to do :C hyperfixation will be the end of me

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i miss you all very much 😭 i've not had anything wholesome or art related to share lately, just fixated on preparing for university which involves very little art at the moment.

i've forgotten a tonne of neuroscience & IT things bc i last did them like, 1.5 years ago, but 3D art is fresh in my mind due to the last unit. so 3D character modelling takes a back seat for now

the firefox one hasn't been updated in years + looks like dev is absent

but! firefox lets me enforce fonts across all websites, and comic sans MS is a font i can read well so at least it offers that

comic sans is a bit of a meme but it's apparently very common that folks like me can read it better than any other default font. opendyslexic doesn't look too different to it - but the bottom of letters is heavier to make it easier to read lines

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very upset that the opendyslexic addon for firefox doesn't work with mastodon in particular for some reason, but the chrome one does. and google are monsters. i refuse to use their software if i can help it. i don't even have google services on my android phone

i am so s t r e s s e d i need to continue learning how to do 3d modelling & also neuroscience revision bc that too has been a while. those 2 are easy though. networking is just a dense subject they have to try to cram into short subjects and it's consistently the worst experience bc of this

it's funny too cos networking is by far my fave part of IT.....

computers talk to eachother a lot better than humans do, despite all their faults 😭


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i spent about 50 hours on the document and tables for my command revision and like 3 hours on actually documenting them. but now The Real Work Begins.

there are so many commands to remember. good lord. gotta do the basics, the setting up protocols, and access control lists + VLans (controls who sees what on the network) and then i get to approach this giant document

anyway i might disappear for a while, i only have 4 weeks to sort myself for my last semester

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i've been spending most my time trying to make computers talk to eachother (networking revision) which is going to eat up 90% of my time bc it's been a year and a half since i've done a cisco lab

i was like, *cracks knuckles* lets GO @ the 65 page lab i saved from the subject i'm about to do, got to "set the IP address on the devices" and was like. oh no. oh noooo

i got a distinction on the last cisco subject which makes this so much funnier

📌Pinned post! I'm Matthew, artist & animator based out of Melbourne, Australia. I'm awful at words so here's some pretty pictures.

update: i hate both me & retopologizing the second i started neatening the area around the mouth. this is the worst thing to have ever happened to me

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another WIP. topology needs a lot of work but i'll finish their head before refining and before i even begin the ears and horns etc. not bad for <10 hours for something i've never done before, so, woo!

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me, a few hours into it: you know what i don't hate character retopology as much as i thought i would
me, 2 minutes later: *remembers the ears* ah,

stylized gore (blood material that looks like rope), vent art, glowy bloody eyes 

speedpaint vent thing

stylized gore (blood material that looks like rope), vent art, glowy bloody eyes 

speedpaint vent thing

blood, bloodied knife 

lore time: its the lounge belonging to this OC of mine; an ethically dubious military surgeon who started a cult because he was bored. based on one of the biomechanical entities that roam their planet. the one that got locked away for nearly destroying the world that one time. yeah

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hospital-like room, surgical tools faintly visible, bloodstains 

and the camera animations! lots i want to fix & do with it later, & in higher quality, but for now i want to forget about it (it was an assignment lol 😭)

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