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For example:

Image descriptions don't carry over with crossposts, and the community here generally cares more about accessibility.

We keep long threads in 'unlisted' chains because we care about not spamming people with content.

We don't talk about things that might be Twitter-specific trends because most of us came here to get away from Twitter. We're not interested in what's going on over there and won't click through links to get context on conversations.

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IIt's important to note that Masto (and the fediverse) is not an 'alternative Twitter'. It's an entirely different platform that has its own unique culture. We don't chase likes or follows or popularity, we don't present as brands or 'personalities'. We care about each others' personal lives and wholesome engagement on a more individual level.

If you're going to use a Masto to Twitter crossposter, please keep this in mind, and ideally, cross post from here to there, and not there to here.

blood, creepy 

a funky lil dude i painted late last year...i wonder what they are talking about

gonna repost some of my art with captions I think now I figured out how to make it a little easier for me to do (the posts earlier about thinking in words more than pictures - I just have to describe it in the same way I describe it to myself as I make something!)

maybe it's just that I can conjure weak images of things I've seen in my brain, but not images of things I have not seen yet. so like, any new artwork i do

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it's funny too because i draw during class since I remember better - i remember the drawing I was doing, so also remember what i was hearing/seeing at the time. I seem to be able to tie visuals to kinetic movement, like I remember the lines I was drawing and can be like "I was drawing a creature with four horns". and I remember colours and basic shapes so I remember enough of diagrams to find them again. idk y'all brains are weird

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the downside is i spend like 3 hours making a part of a painting look worse bc i'm trying to fix it from visual memory, rather than be like...oh yeah, I suck at that, time to dig up 500 new references. the woes of being atypical in any way but living your life as if you are not because you never knew better

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hmm. you know i think captioning will be easier for me on the executive dysfunction + Words Are Hard front if I just record the words I am thinking when making an artwork because I think in words more than pictures (which is why I never get the "it looked better in my head!" problem. it barely looked like anything in my head. lmao)

i'm trying to make captioning a habit now but ooft is it hard. I have a hard time describing anything and my art being surreal makes it more difficult for me + exec dysfunction and dyslexia kicks my ass. i hope w time it becomes easier

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havin one of those days where i have 50 art things i want to do but i can't pick one of them cos my brain is going too FAST

it's 1:27am but 6pm in my brain good LORD my sleep is messed up. i need an adult cos despite being in my 3rd decade of life it certainly isn't me

(can you quote toots like you can tweets? i feel like such a boomer on here lolll)

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people must think i wear the same outfit for a week straight but its like....i just bought three of the same bland grey t-shirt

verifying website works! with wordpress, lollll. time to spend 1 billion hours customizing everything again

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and webdev is like.....i could just draw this page. why do i have to make code for it. gosh

anyway. this is the motivation i needed to finally dump google sites i think

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I only fuck with object oriented programming if I can make something so I don't have to fuck with object oriented programming, basically

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i should probably just buy hosting & use wordpress like I used to, honestly. the only programming I like is game engine shaders / tools, webdev is so tedious. 10 hours to fix a problem with a dialogue graph tool? cool. 10 hours to fix a problem with UI scaling weird on mobile? pls no

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