@csepp @fourivilo neat, ty for info on the package freshness thing. would some variation of ubuntu be a good pick for that? I use kubuntu for instance

after 58 hours of playing outer wilds i think i've nearly finished it :O got some puzzles i need to crack but i have the pieces for it. it's like myst on steroids in space

@fourivilo that problem you're having might not even be wine related, something else might be breaking. linux is like that. i had sound issues because one of the config files were empty so i had to delete it and it recreated automatically and it was fine lmao

@fourivilo yeah, i was going to say that the distro shouldn't matter because wine is separate from distros and i'm *fairly* certain that its libraries should be standard across all distros thesedays. arch is definitely the easiest to get software working on - bc the community is reeeeal intense on that - but I believe it's still more challenging to use. iirc antergos or something is arch but with an installer. the last time i used arch was like seven years ago tho

@fourivilo before i answer because i might be missing some info here - have you found evidence that it runs on wine, but not all versions of wine?

currently doing the finishing touches on that big 3D scene. I want to upload renders of the individual assets as i finish them, bookcase will be up first!

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our new PM is very loudly and proudly pro-disability-rights, and so all of these swirling unknowns and attacks and negativities of the last decade have been lifted and I feel like maybe I can like.....work and make art in balance, in the near future. yeah

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i'm still reeling over our election (the outcome is overwhelmingly positive. lots of work to do though. always is and there always will be.) hopefully i can get back to art and life things tomorrow

(very good, naking-history & hopeful) aus politics 

@foervraengd one of our ex-PMs has been grilling murdoch + his presence in this country for a decade. and he was of the same party that won this time - labour. our centre-left one. so i hope they can regulate this shit >:C

(very good, naking-history & hopeful) aus politics 

@foervraengd thank you!!! we have a long way to go, and a lot of conservative poison in this country, but this was history making in so many ways. if we can all keep focused and united i think we'll achieve some great things. also so relieved that the republican grasp america has really didn't succeed here. the parties who appeal to that have just flopped so hard. all our main media is still murdoch + centre-right owned tho ;_;

mAKING* history. my eyes are so tired lol. i was up for over 24 hours i was so stressed

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(very good, naking-history & hopeful) aus politics 

we kicked our corrupt govt out after 10 yrs & voted in a man who grew up in public housing w a disability pensioner single mother, who elected the first first nations woman to be minister for indigenous affairs, and his pre-speech was given by penny wong - a gay asian woman with a tonne of experience as a senator. i've known of her virtually my whole life. a TONNE of independents, most of which are women, kicked conservatives out of their seats

Top Surgery, picture of me on hospital bed (just woke up, all is well) 

@SarielSnowings hell YEAH!!!! gz! hope it's a speedy recovery

aus politics, badfeels 

australia is coup central, and so so corrupt politically, but the media treats it as funny because it's not like, a dictatorship or whatever. we are all so tired

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aus politics, badfeels 

whoever wins i hope we get more leftist independents + greens in parliament because both our major parties are heartless monsters in a lot of ways, labour just cares more about working class folks & wants to keep our welfare system intact. low bar lol

anyway,, it's gonna be a rough day. :( i've been glued to campaign coverage, gonna sit out of the live election counting cos it's distressing and its out of my hands once i've cast my vote

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aus politics, badfeels 

feeling very bad about election happening tomorrow. i anticipate the worst. pray we don't elect the same idiot who went to hawaii as australia burned, who made a federal anti corruption commission concept so bad experts said it'd be better to not do it at all so he blamed labour for it not going thru even though it never even got far enough for them to vote on, the same moron who spent 5.5b on submarines that were never built but fearmongers the 7b deficit in labours budget

hospital, medical instruments 

@JackalMordant thank you!!! and yeah, i needed to separate the lighting somehow so i went with ye ole trusty blue/orange combo. it was hard not to make it so bright it took away from the left side tho. lighting is a nightmare in 2d and 3d alike 😭

🎶 "You will never ever ever ever get to me in here."

An old piece I still love, drawn to Nine Inch Nails' "Echoplex".

@bestiaexmachina i love the pose a lot, and the balance of black / grey elements, and the expression !!!

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