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forgot to mention that you can see the progress of this 3D scene from start to present here. it's public, so anyone can see it. 'finish' is scheduled to be 3 weeks from now.

My worldbuilding hashtags which I keep forgetting to use smh:

...i forgot to CW the last attempt at this post too. i am Tired.

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hospital, medical instruments 

Finally finished the draft textures + materials for this behemoth of a scene. A lot to fix; UVs are a bit janked in some places, the contrast & saturation doesn't match up in some areas, some of the corners of elements need slight softening, etc. And all textures need polish, but that's a given. Getting there!

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hospital, surgical tools 

texture WIP! i draft *every* texture before i polish them

ceiling & walls are subtle, added some colour variance & blotchyness. for the metals i mainly changed the colour & added some subtle scratches. book case texture is the obv addition. turns out UV unwrapping doesn't hurt so bad to do when your topology is really nice lmao, i was dreading this part

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this was this year's valentines day artwork. their faces don't look like canon which Bothers me - I might fix it some time. but for now it's whatever

blood, hospital, surgical tools 

Very large thing I'm working on rn

Draft render -> paintover for texture concept + post processing planning + figuring out what to add to make the sink position make more sense

Replies for caption purposes appreciated (see pinned post) 💖

more character work. they are named Amzarah. a rough sculpt i should actually do a render of eventually rather than half assing it with screenshots...!

part of my worldbuilding (), specifically graphic novel canon ()

captions in replies appreciated (see pinned post) ❤

blood, mostly naked (genitals not visible), eye socket 

my 'sona who is effectively a bootleg mermaid monster, so vaguely mermay applicable lmao

part of my worldbuilding (), specifically graphic novel canon ()

captions in replies appreciated (see pinned post) ❤

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