2 hour study of a WoW classic screenshot I took in darkshore. still struggling to beat my perfectionism but a time limit forces me to make something i'm going to hate (the goal is to be fine with that)

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the ref, which really shows how bad i am at perspective lmao. i do so few studies so i forget to lay out a grid for those too >.<

@machinesbleedtoo Ohhh man, home sweet home! You captured the mood and colors perfectly!

@bestiaexmachina thank youu ahhh!! despite being a lifelong horde simp this is one of my fave areas in the game. duskwood too. i love spooky forests

@machinesbleedtoo SAME @ HORDE SIMP LMAO

Still, my first ever character was a Night Elf so Darkshore will forever hold massive nostalgia for me.

@bestiaexmachina SAME LOLLLL i was a female nelf druid for not very long bc my best friend was that and i couldnt be fucked learning diff abilities then got ganked relentlessly by undeads and was like THESE ARE WAY COOLER. i've played nothing but male uds since. 2008 lol

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