hello! welcome to hyaline. or nierio, or kazauthi, or many others - depending on who you ask.

to start with: the main worldbuilding hub is here (most content will be free) ko-fi.com/machinesbleedtoo

Here's some art

🧵 replies will contain a detailed introduction (if you're seeing this live, slowly, since I need to caption everything)

each populated area has its own independent governance, allowing for an incredibly varied planet. the single world government could not extend their reach beyond their golden city- arifeux. it is the most technologically advanced city on the planet.

the rulers of this city are colonizers from another world. and they are dying. nature won - hyaline was not made for them.

the area most fleshed out is where the planned videogame is set. a stretch of rainforest the native people call falih’oko elinneu. they are called the gukeur people. they are amiels - a species of lactating egg-laying simultaneous hermaphrodites. ruled by kol, who is an ancient biomechanical entity.

@machinesbleedtoo I'm really intrigued!! All of this sounds and looks lovely. I look forward to learning more about it.


@bestiaexmachina thank u!!! will hopefully be able to add most the rest soon, writing is so much work omg...and i try to make my captions a story too. but it's fun, so i don't mind

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