finally the fog of last semester has lifted!! now i'm in a fog from a lack of a sleep pattern. gotta love ADHD brain


i'm trying really hard to get all my cleaning & organizing chores + commission catching up done by the end of the week so I can hyperfixate on catching up study cos hooooo boy do i need it 😬😬😬 so far i'm doing okay despite sleep problems

i basically just let my sleep do what it wants and not worry too much and do what I can when I can. worrying about that just makes me more stressed and chores avoidant

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i don't do well on shit sleep so i need to let my body decide what good sleep is lol

anyway, i'm working my butt off to do what i can *now* so i get 1 week free of all of this before the semester starts. it's looking like so far that might work out

got friends to help me w donating clothes/recycling e-waste stuff soon! i have a carload of stuff & i don't drive 😫 it makes cleaning lounge so hard we got no garage

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