a character with blood on him & a missing eye & me in underwear + binder but nothing lewd 

a friend did the sona vs owner thing so i am Required By Law to also.

we both really hate clothes!!

character lore incoming in replies bc it's very important to me how he came about

(pls do not hit on me thanks nudity isn't sexual to me that's why i don't care about sharing this)

I don't like being in water for long tho. it'd be more fun as a botched merman than a flesh creature that gets pruny

I would 100% change form to his forever aside from the eye thing because eye injury is the one thing i am terrified of as an artist

I was 14 when I made him (equally as gorey & covered in blood lmao) & his name was gabriel. my whole life ppl said this character is literally you & i was like haha no then i realized I'm trans and changed my name to, gabriel. we all knew but DENIAL

a photo of a mould of a human mouth missing a molar 

It's hard to see my teeth in that photo but here's a mould of them (I am missing molars, but the broken parts are just it falling apart there.) I accidentally mimicked my own mouth. i am so proud of my monster teef. I got offered bracers a few times by dentists and I was like gET FUCKED LOSER


cartoon gore & blood, imitation bulls skull 

bonus featuring his old design lmao. it doesn't show the grin we share but it certainly shows our personalities

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a furby holding a knife (objectively terrifying) & BDSM quiz results but no mention of sex (i'm mostly asexual) 

our personality similarities aren't even hyperbole. I made a meme out of my BDSM test results. I'm mostly asexual I just love abuse as banter 😂 you know there's trust when there's 0 taking any of it personally

the sadism part is hard to describe - it's always when we're both engaging in it @ eachother, in any form

basically my sexuality, gender & personality is alucard hellsing lmao

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