very upset that the opendyslexic addon for firefox doesn't work with mastodon in particular for some reason, but the chrome one does. and google are monsters. i refuse to use their software if i can help it. i don't even have google services on my android phone

the firefox one hasn't been updated in years + looks like dev is absent

but! firefox lets me enforce fonts across all websites, and comic sans MS is a font i can read well so at least it offers that

comic sans is a bit of a meme but it's apparently very common that folks like me can read it better than any other default font. opendyslexic doesn't look too different to it - but the bottom of letters is heavier to make it easier to read lines


uhhhh what, firefox on linux doesn't have comic sans but does have opendyslexic. linux to the rescue once again. i mean apparently

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