i miss you all very much 😭 i've not had anything wholesome or art related to share lately, just fixated on preparing for university which involves very little art at the moment.

i've forgotten a tonne of neuroscience & IT things bc i last did them like, 1.5 years ago, but 3D art is fresh in my mind due to the last unit. so 3D character modelling takes a back seat for now

the only time my art brain and technical brain are active at once is worldbuilding. otherwise i tend to be in one mode or the other, which means i neglect art spaces when i have a lot of tech study i need to do :C hyperfixation will be the end of me


i cannot accurately describe the intensity of relief i will feel when this semester is over though. university has occupied a massive part of my brain & bad health for 5 years. i'll finally have the brain space to think about my projects again

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