bloodstains, hospital-like room, surgical tools faintly visible 

this took 2 months of my life q__q i even made a conlang for it. it's a part of my worldbuilding canon. every single texture in this is hand painted by me

my tags:

bloodstains, hospital-like room, surgical tools faintly visible 

detail shots! this thing is enormous

lightly bloodstained paper, cartoon lineart of a bone breaking, & a cartoon lined needle 

fun fact: those are shitpost-it notes in the background. i had fun with them even though i knew they'd not be visible through the render (& even if they could, no one could decode them). from top left to bottom right: "it's not cancer. probably", "certain death ->", "lol bl" & "vax often"

hospital-like room, surgical tools faintly visible, bloodstains 

and the camera animations! lots i want to fix & do with it later, & in higher quality, but for now i want to forget about it (it was an assignment lol 😭)

my tags:


blood, bloodied knife 

lore time: its the lounge belonging to this OC of mine; an ethically dubious military surgeon who started a cult because he was bored. based on one of the biomechanical entities that roam their planet. the one that got locked away for nearly destroying the world that one time. yeah

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